Dispelling Myths about Purgin’s Removal


September 6th, 2015 – 

By Alexander Chalenko PolitNavigator – translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear – 

Purgin was dismissed from his position as head of the 

Parliament of DPR. His
duties will be performed by Denis Pushilin who will be representing Donetsk at
the talks 

in Minsk. 

It would be absolutely wrong to use Purgin’s
resignation for the next bout of speculation about the “betrayal of
Novorossiya”.  For example, Purgin was against
Minsk-2, and Pushilin, on the other hand, in favor of Minsk-2, and hence for
handing the Donbass back to Ukraine. They say that for this, Purgin was removed.

Then there are conspiracy theories about
“selling out Novorossiya” in support of these conspiracies they cite
the recent statement by Deinega (representative of the LPR in the Contact group
in Minsk) that he supports transition of the control over the border between DPR
and Russia to Ukraine.

These comrades do not understand that when
Deinega said about it, he was talking about a Ukraine which does not exist,
because Ukraine which completed all terms of the Minsk-2, is no longer a
fascist Ukraine.

Is it possible? No.

Therefore, Kiev will never gain no control
over the border. And thus anyone who says that the removal of Purgin is
“the sellout of Novorossiya” is simply delusional.

First, Purgin, is a member of the Contact
group talks in Minsk just like Pushilin. He recognizes the Minsk-2, and never
was against it. If he did, please provide a quote from him where he said that?

Secondly, his removal was not due to the fact
that he was 

resisting Minsk-2, or was against Zakharchenko, or something else.
There were no complaints about him until the very last moment. He was one of
the leaders of the ruling party in the DPR – “Donetsk Republic” which
belongs to the ruling class of the DPR.

The questions arose after he was taken under
the protection of the chief of staff of the people’s Council of the DPR Alexei
Alexandrov, which, according to experts, became engaged not in the work of the
apparatus, but in politics, and influence on the work of the Parliament. And
this, in the opinion of the responsible persons of the Republic, caused damage
to the DPR. Therefore they decided not to let Alexandrov in the DPR.

Purgin, stood up for him, so he was removed
from the post of Chairman of the people’s Council of DPR. That’s all.

Therefore, all speculations and people’s
complaints about “the sellout of Novorossiya” must stop. They will
stop, I don’t doubt that in the coming days.

Personally I respect Purgin, one of the
outstanding figures of 

the Russian spring in Donetsk in 2014. I’m sorry that it
all happened. But he has all the capabilities as he remains the member of the
National Council, he will continue his political activities in the DPR and his
work for the good of the Republic, which he will do, no doubt.

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