Donetsk Republic Will Not Be Undermined by the Latest Power Struggle


Pushilin, Zakharchenko, Purgin 

September 4th, 2015

Friend @Live Journal

Translated by Kristina Rus

In DPR, as in other formations of a similar type, there have always been and always will be all sorts of conflicts. For some reason we were not surprised that the field commanders had conflicts? But exactly the same way and for similar reasons conflict arises among politicians.

Zakharchenko naturally is concerned about any political conflict in the entrusted to him and rather unstable DPR. But a conflict-free life in such territories is in principle impossible.

The conflict, which we are now witnessing is generated by political activism not even of Purgin, but close to him Alexandrov. An honest, sincere man, a staunch supporter of Russia, confident that the political debate in DPR is compatible with defending DPR at the front. Zakharchenko – and he’s not the only one – has just the opposite point of view. Aleksandrov not just talked about the necessity of political debate in DPR, he acted, trying to create political structures, independence of which was seen by Zakharchenko as digging a tunnel under his authority, a direct political attack on his positions.

Meanwhile, any undermining of Zakharchenko’s position is obviously not only a danger to himself. All the political bets are made on him, he was given unprecedented support. If he somehow comes down – for example, with the help of the established structures, uncontrollable to him, the responsibility for the collapse lies not only on Zakharchenko. But those forces in Moscow which made a bet on him. Thus, political activity of Alexandrov is desirable to forces that would like to compromise not only Zakharchenko, but also those who are betting on him.

As for Alexandrov, his position, shared by Purgin, is that the discontent in Zakharchenko is increasing. And may eventually produce, in the absence of political alternatives, some protest moods in DPR. If these sentiments will not be oriented towards the pro-Russian politicians, engaged in a debate with Zakharchenko, then a different orientation of these sentiments is possible. This is a completely sincere and honest position of Alexandrov. It has no ambiguity or attempt to undermine the interests of DPR. Purgin and Alexandrov and focused on fighting Kiev no less, and perhaps to a greater extent than their opponents. This does not mean that Zakharchenko or someone is oriented in the wrong direction. This means that the position of Alexandrov and Purgin is staunchly anti-Kiev. They were oriented towards Russia for a long time – before 2014. This in principle cannot be said about Pushilin, who did not show himself in any way in the pre-Maidan period.

Purgin and Alexandrov by nature are, apparently, revolutionaries and maximalists. Meanwhile, any attempt to organize the romantic revolutionary perturbation, the transformation of guerrilla units into army, etc. – puts revolutionaries in a difficult position. Both sides are right in their own way. Because the go-ahead to direct political competition on the territory, which can be attacked at any time by superior in strength enemy forces – is too risky. The loser in this situation is Alexandrov, who probably will have to go on vacation to Russia for some time.

The relationship between Purgin and Zakharchenko, most likely will be temporarily stabilized, but it is possible that it will again escalate. And the big fight that has been simmering, and can not subside in Moscow, produces in one form or another these outcomes in Donetsk. To make a tragedy out of this is pointless. They have a place everywhere – in South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Transnistria. 

To lament about it is as meaningless as about the fact that sometimes it rains. It can not undermine the stability of DPR.

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