DPR Army Recruiting Video (Eng Subs)


September 13, 2015

Source: Cassad 

Translated by Kristina Rus

Click on subtitles for English subs

A year ago, I, a simple cab driver from Donetsk went to defend my motherland.

There were five of us at the checkpoint: Max-metallurgist, designer Yura, Ivanych, a miner with 40 year experience, Oleg, a 15 year old kid, and me. Our goal was to find and not allow into the city provocateurs and radicals. We had a couple of baseball bats, a few Molotov cocktails and one gun. That was our entire arsenal. 

With these weapons we could hardly stop the enemy, but we knew one thing for sure, there is nowhere to retreat, behind us is our land.

In a year a lot has changed. We learned how to fight. We got weapons. From militia we turned into an army. 

We succeeded in stopping the enemy, and now we will not retreat. As before we know that we are fighting for the truth, for our motherland, for our Donbass. The victory will be ours.

Join the ranks of Donetsk People’s Republic army!

Song in the background: “Novorossiyu sberegi, Russky Russkomu pomogi” [Save Novorossia, Russian help a Russian]

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