Eduard Limonov: Europe’s self-destruction is irreversible

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September 12, 2015

Eduard Limonov, author and politician, the leader of “The Other Russia” party

Translated by Kristina Rus

The process has begun, the process of self-destruction of the West

Writer and politician Eduard Limonov — about why the current migration to Europe in its consequences can be compared to 9/11

After September 11, 2001 the world changed for the worse.
Clearly we saw that it has changed at the airports. Passenger screening has become a routine as two drops of water resembling prison frisks. You’ve all been through it yourself. Therefore I will not try to describe for you the obvious.

Roughly speaking, the world has become less democratic. In response to the tragedy of 9/11 there is a lot more police and elements of totalitarianism. Everywhere: in the United States, and the old, but careless Europe.

USA in order to punish someone for the crime of 9/11, invaded Afghanistan, which nestled peacefully in its not particularly pugnacious version of the middle ages, under the pretext that Afghanistan is sheltering Bin Laden, and that this Saudi troublemaker organized the terrorist attacks in New York. I personally think that Bin Laden, the conceited leader of Al-Qaida simply took credit for the biggest terrorist act in history.

We all lived the last 14 years in the atmosphere of decreasing freedoms, and the elements of non-freedom that are very similar to practices from the book of George Orwell’s “1984” are increasingly rooted in our lives. Not yet fascism, but a special kind of totalitarianism — from fear, of course — but it doesn’t make it easier.

To compensate the citizens for limited political freedoms and implementation of prison practices, Europe and the United States began suspiciously emphasizing the secondary rights of the individual.

I relate the epidemic of sweet love of the European governments and heads of the United States to same-sex love, same-sex marriages, slobbering humanitarian gestures like swinging the rights of the disabled and adoption of sick and foreign children, etc. — you can continue the list — in particular with the tightening of political life in the West and the increase of police powers.

This is how we made it to the recent years. 2013, 2014 and 2015 brought us new surprises. And still will. Europe is faced with a choice: either become militantly nationalist with elements of Nazism and fascism, or be changed beyond recognition. The problem of invasion of migrants to Europe — is the most terrible challenge to Europe in its history.

What is the situation?

As a result of the predatory policy of the USA and Europe the statehood of several important countries was blown  to hell. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya — now finishing off Syria – were attacked by the West. The so-called “human rights” wars, the armed conflicts waged by the West, were and remain aggressions, only clothed in modern human-rights garments that hide their cannibalistic essence. Africa is destabilized, directly or indirectly, the clashes between “Good” and “Evil” in several African countries — Mali, the most glaring example – destroyed their statehood as well.

Ukraine broke its statehood seemingly by itself, but wasn’t it encouraged by the Americans, the Poles, the Dutch, the Germans, the Finns, the French, the Balts, speaking to Ukrainians on Maidan? So the number of destroyed states is joined by Ukraine. Europeans and the Yankees systematically pit Maidan against Russia. Interestingly, now when Russia is not a Communist country and not Soviet, we are hated with the same zeal, therefore it has become clear, I hope, that anti-communism and anti-sovietism were only a camouflage for their russophobia.

It is clear that the peoples and tribes fled from their devastated areas.

And where to run?

The U.S. shores are far away, the fragile boats cannot make it across the ocean.

And from the ravaged coast of Libya the Italian island of Lampedusa is a stones throw away. And Greece is close.

No matter how sinister, clever, and rich is ISIS, however, it can not afford to arrange the exodus of an untold number of refugees. I do not support the hypothesis that the fiends of hell organised and delivered hundreds of thousands of refugees to Europe. It’s not ISIS.

And that most barbarians flocking to Europe are young men, I see a simple pattern: just men are in better physical shape than women and children, they can overcome the difficulties and sufferings of the journey beyond the three seas to the rich Europe, into her heart — rich Germany.

Which of them run away from the war, others from ruin and poverty, which are the consequences of war, is difficult to sort out. And the biggest Professor at the Sorbonne cannot sort this out. Both are true.

You, Europeans and Americans, have stirred up the anthill by kicking it with your boots, so what do you want? Don’t complain, don’t creak, it’s your fault! In order for the migrants not to flock to you, you must create for them unbearable conditions. But you will not do that. Well, not because you’re kind, you’re not kind, but your image of “well-wishers” is important, who just wiped their hands from the blood of citizens of the states shattered to pieces.

As on September 9, 2001, migrants (footage from the train station in Budapest is striking and strong, because this is the Middle East, Asia and Africa in photos and video, not Europe) will change the world beyond recognition. Already changing.

Either there will be another religion, black eyes and dark skin. God save us from accusations of racism (just in case), but the citizens of Germany will resemble the citizens of the Middle East. Or there will be fascist and racist states, hiding behind barbed wire, walls and machine guns. There is no third option.

In Russia, I learned today, there are 2.5 million refugees from Ukraine (or rather, 2 503 680 people), but they can not be distinguished from Russians. So assimilation is not threatening us. We will have the same eyes, same skin, the same religion. We will not have a problem of adaptation of Ukrainians. We happened to be in a better position than the unfortunate Europe, doomed to disappear in the form in which it existed for half a millennium.

I care. I would prefer old Europe. But if another option is impossible and Europe is hostile to Russia, let it disappear.

And last.

The process of self-destruction of the West is already irreversible. As Gorbachev used to say, “the process started”.

We watched the process of self-destruction of the USSR. Now it’s Europe’s turn. To each its own.

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