EU Refugee Hypocrisy: Syria vs. Donbass – Challenging the OSCE from within [photos +video]


September 30th, 2015 – 

Ukrainian Human Rights Commission – UHRC – (video +photos) – 

Text by: Joaquin Flores for Fort Russ – 

Warsaw, Poland – September 21st, Working Session 11 of the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting of the OSCE.

This follow up report is the video testimonial presentation of Dmytro Perlyn to the Ukrainian Human rights Commission.  The focus is on the status and rights of refugees from the war-torn region of Donbass.  The video below is the English language version of Dmytro Perlyn’s presentation.

Perlyn reminds us that that the so-called Anti-Terrorist Operation has driven hundreds of thousands of people from their homes, but Ukrainian authorities have not developed or implemented a plan to reintegrate them into society.  These problems relate not only to the basic human rights of these citizens, but also to their democratic rights. 

Perlyn continues:

Ukraine is undermining the rights and freedoms of refugees, including the right to vote and the freedom of choice.  This is linked to restrictions placed upon refugees which bars them from participating in elections.  Of particular concern is that these violations are going to be enshrined in law by Ukrainian authorities.  

Perlyn iterates that we are witnessing an unprecedented and catastrophic situation of refugees both from the middle-east and Ukraine.  Perlyn cites official figures from the IOM, that over 500,000 refugees have come from the Mediterranean, with Syrians representing 1/5th of them. 

In addition to the situation in Syria, is the situation in the Donbass, stresses Perlyn.  This is equally problematic.  In order to understand the scale of the disaster, it is important to consider the following figures. 

Perlyn continues, that according to the UNHCR, as of April of this year, over 800,000 Ukrainians have applied for asylum, residency or some other legal status in neighboring countries. Almost 660,000 of them according to the UN figures registered in Russia. 

In addition to the refugee crisis, there is also the continuation of journalist murders. Last year the renowned journalist Oles’ Buzina was killed right near the entrance of his house.

Ukrainian journalists have faced severe and bloody persecution under the US backed Kiev junta regime since the coup last year. We must recall that there has been 224 violations of the rights of journalists recorded. According to the Institute of Mass Media’s reports, journalists in Ukraine are beaten or intimidated almost every day.

Despite the ongoing assault on civil society under the Kiev Junta, human rights and civil society groups committed to pluralism, self-determination, democracy, and human rights continue to push from within the established ‘European’ institutions such as the OSCE. 

Regarding this matter, we published the text and video of by Alexei Tarasov, the Ukrainian human rights activist and Chairman of the Ukrainian Commission on Human Rights in his eye opening challenge to the international community and the OSCE, .  

You can see this again here —>  

Speaking Truth to Power: Ukrainian Human Rights Activist at Warsaw OSCE Meeting [+Video, english]

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