Eurononsense for Ukrainians – blessed are those who believe?


September 29th, 2015 – – By: Alexandar Dudchak – 

translated by Paul Siebert  – 

The dreams of fools become nightmares for the rest – .ed

entire European agitation in Ukraine has always been a kind of mythology and
fairy tales. For some, it has become almost a religion of sectarian type.
Ukrainians were promised a resettlement to some magical land-Europe if only
they signed an association agreement. 

Homegrown storytellers tried to convince
Ukrainians that the Europeans’ only dream was to see them within the golden Schengen,
that Ukraine’s membership in the EU was a matter of mere … years (under
Yushchenko). Later this period began to increase to “10-15 years after the
signing of the agreement”. 

And after the victory of “Maidan” democracy
over common sense this period became very hazy. Even the timing of the introduction
of a visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens went in the same direction where
the European functionaries regularly send Ukraine with its “European
choice”. The prospects for a visa-free regime have been replaced by
stricter requirements for obtaining European visas.

domestic euro-liers do not seem to hear the statements of politicians of the EU
(and NATO) itself and continue to persuade the population that Ukraine and the
EU are almost a united entity. They are doing this with the same enthusiasm
with which they pronounce their incantations about the “united Ukraine”.

the main allegation was about the heaven on earth in the European Union and
that it really wanted Ukraine to join — all the Ukrainians had to do was
to get rid of the “criminal authorities”. Now they are trying to
convince the populace that the entire world is eager to help them. The arguments
about the “aid” were given by ministers and “analysts” — it was
mostly about how much Ukraine would be “given” — 10 or 40 billion dollars. 

the eve of the meeting with the IMF Board of Directors the president himself
said: “The overall package of financial assistance, which is needed to
help Ukraine to prop up our national currency, for our balance of payments, our
foreign exchange reserves, should exceed 40 billion dollars”. The keyword here is “should.”

But so
far the IMF has decided to give only 5 billion, and in the misty future — up to 17.5 within 4 years, with the usual stipulations
that would transform the population into tramps. Using this handout the regime
is already plugging all holes, while almost every one of these holes is larger
than the provided “aid”. This will help “stabilize the exchange
rate” claims the prime-minister Yetsenyuk that is being simulated by using
the available administrative levers. 

For some time it will be possible to
imitate “stability”. But only to replenish foreign exchange reserves
2.2 billion dollars will be spent. This is one of the phenomena of existence of
colonial territories in today’s global financial system — with an acute need in
financing they use up “reserves”, not contributing to the development
of domestic production, increasing the burden of external debt service. Of the
promised 5 billion 2.8 billion has been spent to service external debt —
and that is it
… The tranche is spent. Only on war Ukraine spends about 4 billion dollars

Russia may also require the return of its 3 billion in loans.

Ukrainians are unable to understand that
neither the IMF nor the EU with the United States are going to make Ukraine a
prosperous country. The help of the West is their help to themselves with the
increasing indebtedness of Ukraine. Their care for Ukraine is the destruction
of local producers and competitors to the West.

thematic area of Euro Nonsense is “Euro-Atlantic” —
about the future
of Ukraine in NATO. NATO in general and the US in particular will do their best
to help Ukraine to wage a war in Donbas, will give the money and the weapons. They
are ready to sacrifice all Ukrainians without the slightest hesitation.  

Probably, to help the Ukrainians they will
also send some Poles to be slaughtered — no one in the United States
will be shedding tears for them and for other Baltic menials … And perhaps
because of this support Kiev is willing to wage war at any cost —
“the West will help us”. At least that’s what the official propaganda
is broadcasting to the people who do not understand this fatherly concern of
NATO for Ukraine.

Ukrainian leaders, either intentionally or through inadequate assessment of the
situation, do not see or hear what they are openly told by high ranking
European officials. Unfortunately, it seems that if Europe decides to urinate
on Ukraine, Ukrainian mass media will be ecstatically reporting about the
“European golden rain”.

Europeans are not hiding their feelings about the constantly begging Ukraine.

are just some examples of the opinions of European politicians about the
prospects of Ukraine’s membership in the EU and NATO after the victory of
“Maidan” …

Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius after the victory Poroshenko in the elections
of 2014 said that, though Poroshenko in his inaugural speech spoke about the EU
and “considers that an association agreement with the EU is the first step
to EU accession”, Europe does not agree with this. “During the
negotiations with our European partners it became obvious that most of them did
not share this view of Poroshenko”— said Laurent Fabius.

2015. French President Hollande on the prospects of Ukraine’s accession to
NATO: “France does not support this. My predecessors and I are adamant, — France
does not support the entry of Ukraine into NATO”. In April 2014 the head
of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Germany does not see
Ukraine as a NATO member.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said: “We need to clarify who will be paying
25 billion euros a year to support Ukraine. As long as this issue is not
resolved, the talks of its membership in the EU are not on the agenda. Ukraine should
be “politically and economically stable and be able to control its borders”.

the same vein, the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier announced:
“Modernization of Ukraine is a long-term project. To date, there is no
sense to speculate on whether it would be possible to join the EU. As I said a
few months ago, I see Ukraine as a partner of NATO, but not as a member”.

sentiments were expressed by the President of the European Commission Jose
Manuel Barroso — Ukraine
is not ready to join the European Union even in the foreseeable future. He
admitted that the EU did not consider the possibility to “accept a country
like Ukraine”.

response, Ukraine is childishly offended. Foreign Minister Klimkin: “by
not supporting Ukraine the world is betraying its principles and values”.
And he clings to the European idea about the creation of a united army.
According to Klimkin, “the army of the European Union must resolve
conflicts of the probable EU members”. But these Ukrainian officials fail
to realize that their country belongs to the improbable members.

sometimes, through the veil of the Western verbiage, one can hear a word of
truth about the true purpose of the whole “aid” provided to Ukraine by the West.
Such truth was voiced on the Fox News by the retired US Major General Bob
Scales. He called on Ukrainians to “kill such a big number of Russians
that even the Russian media could not hide the fact that Russians are coming
home in coffins”. 

And the people of Ukraine have been entrusted with this “honorable”
mission. There should be less Russians or the people of the Donbas on the
territories controlled by the West and more problems caused for the neighboring countries.

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