Extremists tell Poroshenko: Cut Power to Crimea


September 10th, 2015 – 

PolitNavigator – translated for FR by J. Arnoldski – 

“Poroshenko’s website is collecting signatures for causing a
power outage in Crimea”

Petitioners demand that Ukraine refuse to import electricity from
Russia and halt deliveries to Crimea. This was stated in a petition on the
website of the President of Ukraine.

The author of the petition is a “Segery Skorokhodov” who is sure
that Crimea is “screwed” without Ukraine, and that turning off power will “give
Crimeans hope.”

“The truth is that without Ukraine, Crimea can’t survive. And if
all Crimeans will understand this, then there will be hope for a speedy return
of the peninsula under the control of our state. Unfortunately, the current
policy of the Ukrainian government doesn’t allow Crimea to become aware of the
cons of life without Ukraine. Moreover, there is an absurd policy of supplying
electricity to the occupation regime in Crimea, while Ukraine itself is forced
to buy electricity from the neighboring aggressor,” the text of the petition

Let’s remind ourselves that according to information posted on
the website of the President of Ukraine, a consideration of the petition by the
state will be mandatory if it has 25,000 signatures. At the time of writing
this article, 2.2 thousand subscribers were in favor of blockading Crimea. 

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