Fired Ukrainian talk show host promises to tell all on Russian TV


September 26, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus


Ukrainian TV host Savik Shuster, the creator of the most popular Ukrainian political talk show “Shuster Live”, which was taken down from the Ukrainian TV channels last week, offered the Russian TV channels to broadcast his program, reports “Ukrainian news”.

“I have a constructive offer for my Russian colleagues. Let us have an hour a week. Just one hour. And we’ll tell you all about Ukraine”, – he said, commenting on the previously aired story of the Russian “Channel One” on taking down the talk show and the freedom of speech in Ukraine.

We will remind, “Shuster Live” on Friday, September 18 was taken down from the air of channel “1+1” replaced with drama “Winter Waltz”. Later followed a ban on the show on channel “112”.

“We were supposed to go on channel “1+1”, as usual, we have a contract with the TV channel “1+1”. Suddenly we got taken down, we found out about it 2 minutes before airtime. I think it is the agreement of the owner of “1+1″ [Kolomoisky] with the AP (Presidential Administration). Don’t know on what terms and, especially, don’t know why,” – said Shuster. The channel management explained the closure of the TV show by the fact that “the last few days, the society has already been extremely tense and politicized, and the channel is not ready to aggravate it even more”

In the end, Shuster had to arrange to broadcast on the Internet and also through less popular cable channel.

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