Former Lugansk “Batman” fighter killed in Syria

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September 30, 2015 – 

RusVesna – 

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski 

“Militiaman from ‘Batman’ brigade killed in Syria”

According to a report of Donbass militiamen, on the night of September 22, a Strelkov-volunteer, Maksim Trifonov (“Norman,” “Peresvet”) was killed in Syria. 

“Maksim Peresvet has been killed. A Russian volunteer from St. Petersburg, who passed through the hell of Donbass in the summer of 2014. Among the ranks of Kurdish militia, he was killed in Northern Syria near Kobani during battle with Islamist scum from ISIS,” one of the comrades of the deceased said. 

The information was given to Novorossiya fighters by the Kurdish militia YPG – the People’s Self-Defense Unit of Kurdistan. 

According to preliminary data, Maksim, together with fellow servicemen, went to the Eurphrates and moved along the shore of the river at night. At the entrance to the bridge, a land mine was triggered which was detonated remotely from the other bank. 

The car slid into the river. Fighters from Kobani have taken the remains of the killed: clothes and vests. All things have somehow maintained their appearance as depicted in the photograph.

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“Here’s what they found in the car. A helmet and a chevron (on a piece of cloth either from a sleeve or a vest). A chunk of the car. Guys volunteered to search for the frame of the car, risking falling under the bullet of an ISIS sniper every second. They also found some vague burnt remains, but, of course, they didn’t remove them. They even ran into problems with delivering these little things. The first volunteer from Russia, the first death. Land mines don’t give a shit where you’re from,” – the militiamen said.

Maksim himself, “Peresvet,” wrote on social networks on September 16 that he was going “to Syria to hang out.”

Earlier, he wrote about ISIS, whom he went to fight against:

“Do you know the difference between ISIS and Ukrops? For me, there is no difference, both want to kill.”

Fighters of the “Batman” brigade confirmed the information of the hero of Novorossiya’s death, writing on their official page on social networks:

“Norman (Max), bro, you helped us with humanitarian aid, you were closer than a brother, and your memory is bright. Rest in peace, brother!”

On social network pages, friends of the militiaman are discussing the information, and many don’t want to believe it. Maksim himself hadn’t been online on VKontakte since 21 September. 

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