Hugs all around — for an incoming virus

Refugees — right?


Analysis by Nura N. Berg

September 6, 2015

September 7, 2015 

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

It’s on one of the European news channels. It’s on all day. Offscreen voice-overs are restrained and jubilant; on screen – jubilation not restrained by anything.

On the screen: here comes the train, braking to a stop at the platform. Refugees who have overcome a long and hard path to the dream are about to come out of it, and the dream is life in Germany. This is the city of Munich. They say Bavarians dislike foreigners and immigrants, but on the screen we see a crowd of happy joyous people chanting “Welcome” and holding up placards with welcoming words.

There’s a sort of quota for Munich – 10 thousand. Refugees. Today, no one doubts that this quota is exceeded, but the Germans aren’t looking frightened – on the contrary, they are in high spirits, excited, as if in joyful anticipation of wonderful changes. Society is experiencing emotions in the spirit of ‘millions, give me a hug!’, and the sounds of the “Ode to Joy” written by German Beethoven are ringing in the air.

Just about this same picture is being broadcast on TV from various other German cities, but the picture is completely at odds with the different stories from Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia. And the the plot doesn’t show the cars of the arriving trains, befouled up to the roof with the crap of the new passengers.

However, there isn’t absolute unanimity among Germans. Boring maybe, but burghers, those who can see past two, are subjecting the prospects of the situation to simple analysis and they are posing questions – does the government understand what a bomb is being laid under the cute and cozy European home? They say that these 10 thousand will all too soon turn into 100 thousand, because each of these young people will certainly bring to their wives, children, parents, grandparents, uncle three times removed, grandnieces, and the Germans will take them all, because human rights are sacred.

Even more boring is to be reminded that these are refugees – not guest workers. This status implies full state maintenance from the time the application is filed! In principle, a refugee may request a work permit, but is not obliged to, and if refugees can not find a job, they will keep on getting benefits indefinitely.

The worst conservatives doubt that the dear refugees wish to integrate into German society, but rather to trample it underfoot.

And finally the irresponsible comrades paying attention to their surroundings note that the refugees, pouring into the country roughly and practically without floodgates, look like something less than reputable refugees. They are 95% young, strong and sleek — even guys, who do not part with their expensive smartphones and even those not bothering to take off their massive gold chain necklaces. They are demanding, impatient, united, and well organized. If something doesn’t quite suit them, they shout it to the receiving side, swing the right hand, demanding attention. Their behavior is not asking – they behave themselves as if they are the boss.

There is even a suspicion that some of them are connected with radical Islamic organizations, and perhaps even with the the Islamic State, but to take them all into account or even get them registered and fingerprinted in these crowds is difficult in the extreme, and their documents are generally lost – supposedly burned in the flames of war.

Meanwhile, in the format of the refugees, collectively called “Syrian refugees,” there are a lot of Kosovars (they are showing up 19 times more than last year, although no war in this new state is in sight). There are Turks, Pakistanis, Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans – the citizens of the countries in which recent efforts by the US and its European accomplices established democracies. Suddenly, and in unison, as if infected with a refugee bug, crowds by their many hundreds of  thousands are making a dash for Europe.

However, all these few quiet voices of some cautious critics are drowned out in a chorus shouting and singing halleluia with the sudden joy of this victory of multiculturalism, which not too long before, they’d have counted as an erroneous concept.

There are many, of course, who want to analyze the situation. Experts, analysts, professional or armchair, not out of high school, or college grads, professors and academicians are coming up with varying theories on the subject and they are very diverse – all the way from stupidity to cynicism. Ideas go from Evil Russky Tyrant™, planning to kill the refugees with the help of the EU, to the cunning plan of Obama, also deliberately set on killing the European empire, but by the hands of these same Europeans.

Among the adherents of the Evil Russky Tyrant™ version, the Ukrainians are in the lead, of course. Overcoming their first shock from the fact that our EU — that we have been begging ten long years for just such visa-free travel, has suddenly opened the door for the best representatives of the Muslim world — Ukrainians turned their thoughts to the beloved Putin. Putin The Serpent, in between throwing grenades at BP, Boeing, and setting fire to that fuel depot in Vasilkov, has just tossed in some time bombs into those beautiful gardens of Eden in Europe by organizing an invasion of barbarians.

The second version is more interesting. Actually, we’ve been thinking about the role of Barack Husseinovich in the European catastrophe for some time. And especially since the time of Ukrainian Maidan, where the Americans have taken an active and cynical part, first openly funding the horde of NGO grant-nurslings with their ever-hungry beaks, and then just as openly managing the coward Yanukovych and the gang of their vassals, that now are settled into the tsardom of Ukraine.

Kindle a fire in the largest European country, and include Europeans in this devilry, pouring kerosene into the fireplace in every possible way and, most importantly, not caring where it spills, literally at the side, makes for a huge growing cancer – on the shoulder only to the Americans. The question arises – why did Europeans consent to this suicide – and the question gives me no ease.

Considering what we’ve been hearing on the tube from Angela CIAkel, is it possible now to openly point at her actions?

True, there is a version that everything is going according to plan – the Germans killed Greece and cashed in on it, and now are symbolically killing neighbors to seize their assets, primarily banks, to make everybody a debtor, and destroy their economy. That is, if Germany itself can easily transfer refugees, and collapse the weaker states under the burden. Personally, this version this version seems wildly stupid – well, consider that you live in a house where they’ve robbed all your neighbors, they’ve thrown ferment into the sewers, uninvited guests have taken over other people’s apartments, and made their lives unbearable — Where is your profit? Going to enjoy it long? And how long will your neighbors look quietly on your sweet life?

And the second question – if you produce something, you need someone to sell it to. Who? To your burgled and angry neighbors?

After the Maidan and the outbreak of civil war in Ukraine Americans literally bent the Europeans into declaring sanctions against Russia. The result is well known – French farmers dumped milk and broke eggs by the thousands, Poles buried rotting apples, Danes have nowhere to sell their pork and Norway has nowhere to sell fish. Meanwhile, the trade between the Russian Federation and the United States has been steadily increasing.

Do you have a psychiatrically tenable version – why Europeans have come to this? I don’t.

Now here’s the strange influx of badly registered refugees from Africa and Asia. Europe agrees to lose its identity. Calm and peace? But why? Is not it obvious that the provocation of the EU-Russia confrontation, and then the transformation of Europe into a literally dangerous, turbulent, Babylonian camp – while it is killing Europe, is increasing the power of the United States, which, by stirring up the Middle East, are fanning the third world, confident that the Atlantic Ocean will again leave them invulnerable?

I, of course, with my immature judgment, do not pretend to serious analysis, but serious analysts are bringing on such a boreal blizzard that well, voici le ne plus ultra …

Liberals are happy – there is the victory of human values and tolerance. The residents are happy, too – God only knows why. The residents of small towns, slightly spurred on, have quickly put together camps for the refugees, but they’re going to drown. Moreover, human rights activists loudly demand deepening, broadening and strengthening the improved living conditions for the refugees. And rightly so – in fact, inspired by the prospects for hundreds of thousands, millions flock in.

Pessimists predict inter-ethnic clashes, and the violent expulsion of the multicultural-tolerant Europeans from their cozy world to a meeting up with the tough reality of crime on the rise, and security gone. On the agenda: raising the retirement age to 70. Tax hikes are not excluded. Pessimists also predict, for example, the Islamization of education and public life. 

The new EU members are in hysterics – crying, we don’t want the hangover out of this foreigner fest! We didn’t have any colonies! Yeah, but they ran after NATO, breaking legs on their run. But now, losing face in horror, they’ve gone so far as to ask the Russians to take some of their refugees.

Optimists predict a joyful celebration of multiculturalism; welcome this fresh injection of viable new blood into an elderly Europe, and see the pendulum shifting towards progress and prosperity.

Winter – soon. We will see who was right.

In short, hugs for the millions.

Just don’t get strangled each other’s arms, okay?

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