Kherson region farmers rise up against Crimean blockade


Alex Zhuravko: “Poroshenko! Fall at the feet of Putin and beg forgiveness, or fall at the feet of Obama and beg for asylum!”

Article by Oksana Skoda in Antifascist

September 29, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

“The ice was broken! People are coming to defend their rights! In the Kherson region protests against the blockade have begun. This is the answer to all those who said that the Khersonese were weaklings. Not true! In the Chersonese live strong and courageous people! Unfortunately, many people are hesitant, intimidated, or even “in the cellars,” –  writes politician Alexei Zhuravko, ex-member of the Ukrainian Parliament on his page.

“Friends! Khersonese! Gladkovka is a vivid example of the courage of the Chersonese people and the weakness of the regime: the head of the village council, rather than sticking with the people just up and ran away. So too, will the “brave” warriors from different battalions and sectors run, as soon as Kherson people wake up! 

“Friends, it is so gladdening that the people understand that trade in Crimea is a way of life for Kherson, and not vice versa. Friends! Keep going, keep organizing, keep sharing news on social networks, as well as by texting, and share with those who do not have access to the truth. If you need advice and support – keep writing, and call me, and I will suggest advise on how to be coordinated. By doing all this, we will be able to liberate our country from thieves, murderers, liars! Our cause is just! Victory will be ours! ”  Alex Zhuravko posts to his countrymen.

What happened in the small steppe village Gladkovka in the Golopristansk region?

Since all roads into the Crimea are blocked by “Right Sector” and other parasites, vehicles laden with Kherson vegetables and fruits aren’t getting through. Result? Second-hand dealers in a wholesale market in the village of Kopan, taking advantage of the situation, are getting agricultural products for next to nothing. For example, the purchase price of cucumbers normally 4 hryvnia dropped to 40 kopeks, that is, for a tenth! People are in panic …

According to, Gladkovka villagers gathered at the village council, and tried to reach out to their government, but the head of their village council, Alexander Foroschuk, instead of presenting himself to the people and helping, at least with some advice, or just supporting his constituents, hid from them.

The indignation of the people had no limit.

“All the posters proclaim: ‘Crimea is Ukraine, we consider Crimeans our Ukrainian brothers!’ But they won’t let anyone go there. 

But the Crimeans won’t go without: they’ll get their fruit and vegetables from Turkey. But we, Ukrainian patriots that we be, that work so hard to bring forth a rich harvest, get nothing! Last year at this time I had firewood, and coal (There is still no gas in the village). And now the children are just barely starting school!” —  the edition of one of the villagers.

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“I can safely assure you: I grow the oblast’s best strawberries! But now they say, “Produce of Europe”! But all the markets are long since divided out, Poland, by itself, provides strawberries to all Europe! And it takes time to get other markets going. And it’s our living! Just look at the field: They’re not even taking the melons out of the fields — not worth it, and it’s the same way with vegetables and fruits throughout the area!” — It is becoming clear to Kherson’s truck farmers that Europe doesn’t need their fruits and vegetables.

“How the situation will be resolved about the roads into Crimea is not known. But if they don’t get to some compromise, the consequences could get very radical,” sums up

“What we have often said, and warned in our broadcasts with Alexei Zhuravko before the hellish blockade was set up by the banderlog dogs-and-Mujahideen-madjlists, is coming true. The farmers of Kherson region, brought to despair, have begun to protest against the madness perpetrated by the “Brigands” of the 21st century in the heart of Europe. And that, I tell you, is only the beginning. If the insanity doesn’t abate, there will be ruined farmers, who will have nothing to lose, and who will take up small arms and begin to “hunt for the ghouls.” 

“This will only be the first episode, it will go onward in a chain reaction such that no Kievan garbage will protect the animals from retribution! ” this the comment of Sergei Veselovski, journalist, and presenter of the program “Actually,” of the IA« News-front ».

“They had to really work at it to stir up people like this. The blockade itself is mobilizing people to protest. It seems that the mindless political idiots are taking measures useful for the Russian Federation,” said social networks blogger Valery Mitrokhin.

“Peter Alexeevich! I know that while the world powers discuss current issues, you mince through the corridors of the UN in the hope that at least someone will give you a second wind, all the while, as you keep harping on evil Russia destroying Ukraine, you, personally — you and your accomplices — are destroying the lives of thousands of farmers of Kherson!

All right, for God’s sake – go ahead and blockade Crimea! Clamp down on their markets, but first use your head! Or find distribution channels in Europe first (as I recall, the whole point of the Maidan was trade with Europe, wasn’t it?), Or declare a blockade in the springtime. Then farmers wouldn’t be taking out those loans for seed, and fertilizer, that they are now in no condition to pay.

As a last resort, once the “patriots” waiting for the arrest or surrender of Putin in New York (that would suit the morons!), have become active supporters of Daesh, they’d agree to turn over the strawberries to the Islamic State! Yes, no matter where! Or, do you think every farmer Ivan, or farmer Nazar, or farmer Resat, must go to Europe on his own to negotiate with Merkel so she can eat strawberries?

The very idea of state, unless it’s a pack of idiots, is to make life easier for citizens. There are trade contacts with those whom the government does not like go ahead and cancel them for God’s sake, but first get your farmers better conditions! 

But the stand of of the Poroshenkos, Yatsenyuks, and the Chubarovs and their ilk is that our people suffer any bullying in silence, screw-up after screw-up. People are more aware of how anti-people the leaddrship is, and express their protestations ever louder.

Kherson! I am proud that you have started to get out and to protest against the blockade! If such actions will be large-scale and regular, then we will win – we’re on our land!

And for you, Peter Alekseevich, take my advice: Either fall at Putin’s feet and beg forgiveness or fall at Obama’s feet and beg for asylum, but don’t come back to Ukraine, for the people have begun to wake up, and your days, Peter Blood, are numbered! “- said Alexey Zhuravko.

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