Kherson residents oppose the blockade of Crimea


September 21, 2015 – 

RusVesna – 

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski 

“We are against the blockade of Crimea – Kherson residents”

Ukrainian journalists decided to ask residents of Kherson their opinions about the blockade of Crimea organized by Right Sector and the Mejlis. 

“I have nephews that live there. What relation do they have to the territorial dispute between Ukraine and Russia?! It’s our government that is at fault because it doesn’t understand what it’s doing!” a resident of the village of Voskresenka indignantly said.

“There won’t be any market sales at all. In general, the village will be screwed,” her fellow villager added.

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According to the results of the survey, none of the surveyed residents of Voskresenka support the blockade. 

[Note from J. Arnoldski:  When rumors first spread throughout Ukrainian and Russian media that the Mejlis and Right Sector were planning a blockade of Crimea, many detailed analyses of the outcomes of such an event, including ones from the Ukrainian side, concluded that such a blockade, especially of food products, would hurt Ukraine more than Crimea, if Crimea was hurt at all. The majority of products on the shelves in Crimea are from Russia, and while Crimeans can live without food products from Kherson, villages such as the one snapshotted in this report suffer drastically from the loss of Crimean customers. In the words of one of Voskresenka’s residents, “the village is screwed,” and this reality is undoubtedly the case in many of Ukraine’s small villages whose normal economic life is being forcibly disrupted by the “heroic actions” of Right Sector and the Mejlis. While the Mejlis and Right Sector confidently declared that their blockade will make hunger-riots engulf Crimea, it is all the more likely that Kherson’s small villages will be the ones protesting.]

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