Kiev Blonde Goes To Crimea: They are Happy, They Will Never Return


September 21, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Kiev resident Alice Gashek visited Crimea and published her unexpected findings online.

“Was forced to go to Crimea. A heavy impression, can not even explain…

I will say one thing. It is not the population of Crimea that is brainwashed, it is us Ukrainians who are brainwashed, we were somehow convinced that Crimeans are not happy without Ukraine.

But it is absolutely not true. In Crimea, there are two cults. The cult of Russia and the cult of disregard for Ukraine and Ukrainians. Russian flags are everywhere, big and small, in stores some stickers “Thank you grandpa for the victory”, a lot of flags of DPRLPR, also a lot of Crimeans, fighting on the side of DPRLPR and they do not hide their part in the war against Ukraine… a lot of cars with Ukrainian plates and St. George’s ribbons, the St. George ribbon is present everywhere, on everyone and everything,” – says Gashek.

Meanwhile she doesn’t capitalize the words “Russia”, “LPR/DPR”.

“Quite a lot of vacationers from mainland Ukraine too… the prices… the prices are normal, Crimean… 20-50 UAH more expensive than in mainland Ukraine, almost all goods are of Ukrainian origin, sometimes there are Russian products, but not more often than in Ukraine…

Will Crimea return to Ukraine? The territory, may be. But the population – never. Here’s the truth,” – concludes Gashek.

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