Latakia residents are overjoyed to be under the Russian ‘wing’


September 26, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Residents of Latakia: the Russians are our brothers

The inhabitants of the Syrian Latakia are encouraged by the extension of military assistance from Russia, report Western agencies.

“Every morning, between six and seven o’clock, I see a few flying Russian aircraft, and I really do feel better,” – said Ahmed, who lives near the international Basil al-Assad airport near Latakia, reports Agence France-Presse.

“They [the Russians – ed.] were our friends, and now they became our brothers – much more than many Arabs,” – says Rima, 25-year-old student.

“There is nothing more wonderful than to drink coffee in the morning and smoke hookah on the balcony, listening to the melody of flying Russian aircraft”, – the agency quotes the words of the 46-year-old businessman Nafaa living in Sharashir, three kilometers from the airport.

In recent months, Russia has significantly expanded the supply of arms to the Syrian government. In particular, it is reported that government forces have begun to successfully employ Russian warplanes and drones, and armored vehicles in the battle against the Islamists. 

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in an interview to the American television channel CBS said that the resolution of the crisis in Syria can only be achieved by supporting governmental structures.

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