Liberal Russophobia: Nemtsov and Euromaidan


September 7th, 2015 – 

By: Igor Druz at Novorosinform – 

translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski – 

“The transformation of Liberal Russophobia” –

an illegally established “memorial” in Moscow, on the site of his assassination on Zamoskvoretsky bridge

Soon it will be six months since the assassination of Boris
Nemtsov. It’s possible to argue for a long time about who the specific
perpetrators of the murder were. But I am sure, that its clients were the Western
“curators” of Yelstin-politics. Given their enormous opportunities, they can
recruit and coerce anyone to do anything. Western curators, for such huge acts
of terror, have huge opportunities, obvious motivation, and even a whole
tradition of provocative murders. After all, we can say that the living Nemtsov
was a dead politician. He was very much disliked by the people. But the dead
Nemtsov immediately became and active and influential politician, a corpse
which liberal forces used “destabilize” the situation in Russia. For the
Russian people, victims of murder have always aroused sympathy, especially for
the better. So even Nemtsov, who was involved in the betrayal of Russia’s
interests in dirty, corrupt schemes, posthumously started to arouse considerable
sympathy among the population.

Naturally, Nemtsov’s role was being the “sacrificial victim”, and
the “civilized world” and “Russian westerners” immediately accused Putin and
his leadership as well as the whole “totalitarian, uncivilized” Russia. Of course,
to call such charges something other than nonsense is impossible. The Russian
authorities not only had no motivation to murder Nemtsov, but, in contrast,
had a strong motivation to save his life and even create the best conditions
for his life. This weak organizer failed at all anti-goverment rallies (the
“performances” at Bolotnaya square, for example), and still the liberal
opposition could not put forward other, more effective leaders. He completely
discredited the entire liberal movement with his openly immortal lifestyle and

Nevertheless, in line with the traditional rules of American
techniques, the liberals blamed “the Kremlin’s hand.” This was especially
visible at their illegally established “memorial” in Moscow, on the site of his
assassination on Zamoskvoretsky bridge. However, there the fans of Russophobic
politics were faced with the spontaneous resistance of the Russian people to
their anti-state slogans, and so they tried to make them less radical…

Recently, after looking at the photos taken at different times, I
saw an example of the transformation of the scenery on Zamoskvoretsky bridge
where he was killed. One can notice the entire transformation of liberal
slogans in Russia. Their slogans are becoming more patriotic in appearance, but
the Russophobia is not going away…

Immediately after the murder of Nemtsov, his colleagues did not
mince words, and placed on the bridge posters that directly compared Russia
with the fabulous kingdom of evil “Mordor,” praised Nemtsov’s support for the
murder of Donbass civilians by Kiev terrorists, and, of course, explicitly
accused Putin for a murder having nothing to do with him.

The liberals also put up symbols of Ukraine, a country which
became openly fascist after the Euromaidan and which practically started an
undeclared war against Russia, the Russian Orthodox Church, and all people who
are sympathetic to the Russian World. In fact, I personally witnessed these
same vile ribbons and symbols on the Euromaidan in Kiev. These were often worn
by Right Sector thugs and “Maidan Self-Defense” who burnt policemen with
Molotov cocktails.

The fans of Nemtsov also raised up slogans unambiguously echo the
Banderovite cry “Glory to the heroes!” They called the corrupt and traitorous
Nemtsov a hero, accusing all of Russia for allegedly “always shooting heroes.”
Such “heroes” have sometimes really been shot – and deservedly so. But Nemtsov,
again, was probably shot on the orders of his own Western curators, as with the
Ukrainian journalist Georgy Gongadze, and many others.

“Glory to heroes – glory! Russia has never gone a year without shooting the heroes of its own state”

So that no one would doubt that it was the authorities of the
Russian Federation who did this, the liberals placed cartoon caricatures with
guns descending from the Kremlin wall so as to kill “heroes.” However, these
posters visibly used manipulation techniques. The liberals appealed to Soviet
films and Communist propaganda, writing “Don’t shoot everyone!” in red letters.
After all, this was a favorite phrase of those captured by the Bolsheviks in
the films of the early and middle period of the USSR. Liberals understand that
purely Western, liberal slogans don’t attract people, and so they’re trying to
appeal to Soviet period propaganda. It wouldn’t be surprising if the next
Maidan in Russia would be “red” and not “orange.”

On other posters on the bridge, this trend was intensified. The
word “TRUTH” was written in red letters. There were also allusions to the film
“Brother,” appealing to patriotism.

“Anger and pain: there’s no Boris Nemtsov.But there is a truth, a Nemtsov word. There is no bullet or grave for truth. As a brother said: strength is in truth”

The ‘Liberatsy’ constantly felt the pressure of indignant passers-by,
including many of my good friends, political refugees from Ukraine from such a
movements as, for example, the Russian Liberation Movement “SERB,” where they
strongly hate the Maidan and liberalism. So they toned down slightly, and their
momentum slowed. It was no longer “the Kremlin kills,” but “propaganda kills.”
Although the essence is the same: the traitors of Russia accuse the Russian
authorities and the media for allegedly creating an atmosphere which kills such
“heroes,” like the Germans. Although, if Russian media were to blame, then,
alas, they are gradually improving their work in lacking Russian patriotism.
Certainly, the mass media of the Russian Federation is no more guilty in the
murder of Nemtsov than Ukrainian media under President Kuchma was at the time
of the murder of Gongadze, who was murdered on the orders of Western
intelligence agencies…

“propaganda kills”

Ukrainian fascist flags disappeared from the bridge under the
pressure of indignant people, but there was a combination of their colors in
the form of bouquets, as well as calls for renaming the bridge. As usual, they
are fighting for the Russian man to pity the murdered victim…

Under the influence of liberal propaganda on the site of the
murder, there were many exalted marginals who praise the dead to the point that
it’s almost funny. In this photograph, we see a poorly dressed elderly woman
who compares Nemtsov with Pushkin, promising him “a sure path of the people.”
This means that liberal propaganda has even managed to warm up psychosis among
some pensioners…

“Borya, you’ve raised a monument to yourself not made by human hands. The public path to it cannot be overgrown. He ascended above”

One can smile at such a spectacle, but after being a witness to
the Kiev Maidan from beginning to end, I can’t help but laugh. Here we have
groups of such unfortunate women-pensioners, who, having a bunch of free time,
are easily manipulated by liberal media and become the nucleus of nascent
outbreaks of rebellion. They agitated their relatives to mutiny, carrying food
to and supporting morally their strong sons and grandsons. After that, they
were the first to suffer from the devastating effects of a revolution which not
only destroys the social-safe net, but doesn’t help the country at all.

The conclusions drawn from all of this are simple. A germ of
rebellion, the epicenter of a gradually emerging “color revolt” is illegally
squatting on Zamoskvoretsky bridge. And it reminds me of the illegal gatherings
on Kreshchatyk outside Pecherk court, where the supporters of Yulia Tymoshenko
“hung out,” and then poured onto the Euromaidan. Long ago, it was necessary to
disperse this mess.

It should also be understood that Liberal-Russophobes are
increasingly using “red” and Russian-nationalist rhetoric
[emphasis our own – ed.] This does not mean
that it loses its liberal essence in any way. Nothing can prop it up under any
circumstances, since there wasn’t, isn’t, and won’t be any truth behind it. In
Kiev, the most adequately behaved people were those with Orthodox-Imperial
views, who didn’t give in to such manipulations. I think that true rebirth will
begin with a mass revival of such original, Russian ideas…

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