Made in Russia: The Best Tank in the World is Twice Cheaper than Competition


September 21, 2015

Anton Orlovsky

Translated by Kristina Rus

Creating the world’s first tank of the new generation, Russia has rightfully gained the title of the world leader in tank manufacturing. Many of the technical solutions of the T-14 on the basis of “Armata” are used for the first time in practice, in particular, a desert tower, which is unattainable to Western designers. But the price of this unique Russian tank was a mystery.

The general director of “Uralvagonzavod” Oleg Sienko announced the price that just ‘killed’ foreign experts and inspired domestic. New T-14 on the basis of “Armata” will cost us only 250 million rubles, equal to 3.7-3.8 million dollars. This is while the notorious M1 Abrams costs about $7 million. It turns out that our tank will be twice cheaper then its foreign counterpart and incomparably more efficient.

For example, just for the compensation from the termination of Mistral contract we can build more than 350 of the latest T-14. Imagine what such an armada of tanks can do to the tanks of the perceived enemy, if the best, up to this point, tank in the world, the German “Leopard” doesn’t even have shells to penetrate the armor of the T-14… 

Dominance on land, water and air passes into our hands (take the T-50 (PAK FA) and the new Russian submarines), causing all of our potential enemies to feverishly reconsider their policy. Now the US is thinking about a dialogue with us.

Our designers have created the best tank in the world at a very low price which is characteristic. Russia has always been famous for its quality weapons at a good price, in contrast to expensive American, unreliable, intended for greenhouse conditions and parquet. Thus, the T-14 is another confirmation of this rule and not the exception.

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