Navalny is a Political Corpse


September 15th, 2015 – 

Ruslan Ostachenko, PolitRussia – 

Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear – 

friends, today I was going to sum up the results of elections in the city of
Kostroma, but the circumstances say otherwise. Instead of summarizing the
elections, the funeral of the Russian non-systemic opposition is held today.
After what happened yesterday in Kostroma, you can only speak in the past tense
about the political prospects of the “PARNAS” party of Navalny and Kasyanov.

What can you say about these political dead
men? I think it is symbolic that the heirs of Ivan Susanin (Russian hero of the 17th
century) see them off their last journey. Kostroma voters gave Navalny, Volkov
and Yashin tickets to political oblivion. 

Yesterday, in the Kostroma office of
the foundation “Open Russia” funded by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the
police were actively looking for the corpse, which was reported by the
oppositionists, but police did not find anything except 500 thousand “dirty”
rubles. Actually, there was a corpse in the office of the Khodorkovsky, but it
was the corpse of the Russian liberal opposition.

Orphaned supporters of Kasyanov, Navalny and
Khodorkovsky habitually accuse the Kremlin of stifling freedom and democratic
opposition, but the Kremlin is absolutely innocent here. The party of Khodorkovsky
and Navalny was broken not by the presidential Administration, but by ordinary
Kostroma pensioners. These cute Kostroma grandmothers came to the meetings
organized by the “PARNAS”, listened to Yashin and Navalny, nodded,
agreed, gave Moscow hipsters and liberal political strategists hope, and
then… still voted for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

Still a resident of Luxembourg and,
concurrently, the chief political strategist of the  “PARNAS” party, Leonid Volkov is
infinitely far from the aspirations of ordinary people of the province. From
the point of view of western experts, there was something absolutely
incomprehensible, because “PARNAS” has built its campaign on the
topics that were important to the Kostroma electorate: housing and utility
services, medicine, roads and corruption. It would seem that sitting at the
tables of Moscow “Jean Jacques” (a French café in Moscow), our creative
opposition has made the perfect program for fooling provincial voters, pushing
all the hot subjects of Russian provincial life, but nothing came out of it. 

may well be that after this devastating defeat, the American diplomats will visit
Kostroma not to meet with Navalny, but in order to understand how in the heck were locals able to determine that the “PARNAS” was lying to them. Here it is, the
mysterious Russian soul, incomprehensible for the liberal western mindset!

The most annoying thing for sponsors of the
opposition is that in Kostroma there were absolutely perfect conditions
for work. 

First, they could bring up all of their political technologists,
creators, writers, sociologists and speakers directly from Moscow. In fact, all
forces of the Russian Pro-Western opposition were concentrated in one region. 

Secondly: very low prices for services of agitators, distributors of leaflets,
advertising and printed materials in Kostroma. With the financial support of
Khodorkovsky, “PARNAS” could glue the entire city and the entire
region with their leaflets. 

Thirdly: Kostroma region is a region with traditionally
low election attendance, which dramatically increases the chances of marginal
parties to pass the five percent barrier. 

Fourth, compared with other regions,
the rating of “United Russia” in the Kostroma region leaves much to
be desired, and the percentage of protest vote is always high. It would seem that
under such ideal conditions, “PARNAS” would take at least one
mandate, and under favorable circumstances – arrange a small regional Maidan,
which Leonid Volkov hinted in his tweet:

For this scenario to work, Navalny, Yashin and Volkov sacrificed a great deal. Perhaps for the first time they tried… I’ll tell
you a terrible thing. So, Navalny, Yashin and the Volkov tried to make it work. The
fact is that these guys usually don’t work, work is for the “vatniks”. They
just “spend grants” and “are embedding in the scheme”.
Navalny, as we know from the sentences of the court, engaged in fraud. Volkov —
smuggled Russian technology abroad. Ilya Yashin — just a professional slacker.
For them there is nothing worse than work, the real systematic work. To them
this is especially frustrating due to the fact that first time in their lives
they really put in a lot of time and effort, to fulfill their political agenda
in Kostroma, with a hope of making the election campaign to the state Duma easier
for themselves, but the result is another shameful failure.

Again, according to the tradition, some
activists accuse some “kremlinbots” and Pro-Kremlin media of using dirty
technologies against the Pro-Western opposition. I want to explain my position,
which, incidentally, is based on purely liberal principles. The cornerstone of
liberalism, real liberalism, not the simulacrum, which Navalny promotes, is the
firm belief that if something is not prohibited by law, it is permitted.
Explain with an example: in the legislation of the Russian Federation it is not
said that journalists are prohibited to film an event in a small bar, where 30 people
from the “PARNAS” and the first Secretary of the Embassy of the
United States gathered.

Also nowhere in the legislation is written
that “PARNAS” has right to get black money from Khodorkovsky’s
political strategists. No need to be offended. “On offenses we carry water”
(Russian proverb), and in the Duma, they just don’t cut it. If someone thinks
that for the meeting with American diplomats, representatives of the
“PARNAS” were subjected to defamation in the media, we suggest
looking at what the Western media does with politicians who dare to formally
meet with representatives of the Russian authorities. Non-systemic opposition
want elections, as in the West, and it received them in full. As the saying
goes: be careful what you wish for because it may come true.

The administration of the President many times
and very clearly explained the rules of the game to political parties and
regional authorities. Elections must be fair, transparent and competitive.
Overall, the result was good. The number of reported violations has become
smaller, and, in General, even the most ardent opponents of the government have
nothing to show as arguments against the legitimacy of elections. The
government has shown itself to be a tough referee, forcing regional leaders,
and political parties to abide by the rules. Those who do not abide by the rules,
get slapped by the hands, which is good.

I noticed that in the Patriotic blogosphere
there is some concern about the election results in Kostroma. Some patriots are
worried that now, after the final discrediting of the opposition in the
elections, Americans will go to the coup attempts with the use of force and
riot. There is a reason for this concern, but no reason to panic, I do not
see it. The situation in Kostroma has shown that the opposition is allowed to
work only in the legal field. As soon as they exit from this legal framework,
national traitors are in trouble, well-prepared and very painful trouble.

Maidan [color revolution tactic – .ed] as technology is a product of American
military thought, and the vulnerabilities of any Maidan are the vulnerabilities
of the U.S. army. Maidan without money does not work, just as the American army
without money is not at war. If the supply of money is blocked, the Maidan deflates
by itself that we have observed it in Kostroma.

Now the non-systemic opposition is to make a
critical choice: to work for the idea, or continue to hope for the arrival of
the life-giving dollars, which Mikhail Khodorkovsky distributes. I’m afraid
that they will choose the dollars, and then finally turn into a political
zombie that will cause only disgust among Russian voters, no matter how active
they will be promoted by the BBC, “Dozhd” or

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