Novorossia News Editor Speaks out against Repressing Journalism


September 7th, 2015 –

By Dmitri D for –

“Reply from the Editor in Chief of ‘Novorossiya’ newspaper”

On September 2, 2015, many news agencies reported on the trial of
people trying to distribute our newspaper over a year ago in Ukraine occupied
by the Kiev junta. Four residents of Krivoy Rog were thrown behind bars – three
men and a woman, who were charged with inciting violation of the territorial
integrity of Ukraine. This was a shameful judgement of people whose only desire
was to overcome the sea of lies in Ukraine, gave readers the opportunity to see
what is happening in the East from the other point of view, and to tell what
the ordinary people of Donbass think and how they live. This judgement was held
in the best traditions of the Gestapo and similar “spiritual fathers” of the
contemporary Ukrainian pseudo-authorities. As of yet we do not know the names
of these three prisoners of conscience, political prisoners, but we will give
them all the support we can and achieve their liberation.

It is known that in many Ukrainian prisons are ordinary people
who have never held a weapon. Their only fault is that they were reading our
newspaper. People have been detained in Kharkov, Poltava, Zaporozhya,
Khmelnitsky, Nova Kakhovka, and many other cities. There is evidence that in
the summer of last year, the Nazis from Right Sector killed ordinary citizens
if they found the newspaper in the trunks of their cars. People have
disappeared, and now members of Right Sector ride around in their cars. And now
the “trials” begin. For more than year, people have been tossed in jail,
tortured, and forced to sign nonsense.

Throughout history, criminal regimes began in the first place to
root out dissent. Free words, thoughts, sayings, and judgements are feared more
than fire. Who fist went under the blade of the executioner? Sophie Scholl, a
young German girl and a member of the underground organization “White Rose” was
executed by the Nazis for distributing anti-Nazi leaflets. Journalist and
writer Julius Fuchik was executed by decision of the German court and hundreds
of other newsmen, writers, authors, and distributors of anti-fascist literature
perished in concentration camps. And, needless to say, “civilized” German
society was confident up to ’45 in its fascist right, blindly trusting leaders
who skillfully embedded cannibalistic ideas in their heads. The Soviet army
cured the Germans. And we will cure the ukrop. We will find everyone who has
bullied, beaten and tortured people for not sharing the ideas of Ukro-fascism.
We will find those judges, artists, and anyone who are trying to worsen the
situation of those either at liberty or in prison. And there will be another

But did you know that in Donbass, at kiosks, you can still find
Ukrainian press or watch Ukrainian channels on TV? And no one is arrested or
tortured. The population of Donbass simply never took them seriously, as they
repeatedly lied about Donbass. Perhaps it works on those from Ternopol or
Kirovgrad, but we have nothing but bad impressions from this circus. The Ukrops
fear our ‘Novorossiya’ newspaper.

We don’t coordinate our materials with anyone; we don’t have
curators or sponsors. We have no one to fear; we don’t owe anyone anything.
We’ll go in for a hard “tussle” with any person or organization if we feel that
their activity is harmful to the construction of a free, Russian Donbass. We
don’t sing a foreign voice and in all cases strive to make our material as
accurate as possible. And we know the risks. During this year, three workers of
our newspaper ‘Novorossiya’ gave their lives in the war against Ukro-Nazism:
Vsevolod Petrovsky from Donetsk, Athanasius Kosse from Greece, and Vagit
Efendiev from Russian Dagestan. We will never betray the blood they shed.

As for our readers, first of I want to ask you to not risk
anything. Ukrainian punitive forces can’t wait for men carrying as a souvenir
even one printed edition of the newspaper to fall into their hands at
checkpoints. For them, this immediately means silver brackets, rewards, and
promotion. In this case, do not count on humanity. You will be immediately
categorized as criminals, regardless of sex or age. Now is not the time to
transport the paper to the Ukrainian side, as it can seriously harm you or your
loved ones living in Ukraine. Our newspaper is easy to find on the internet,
and all articles or laid out on our website. Use safe mode on your browser,
read the news from Donbass, and be aware of actual events. Glory to

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