Obama’s UN speech nailed Poroshenko (indirectly)


September 29, 2015

Alexander Rogers


Translated by Kristina Rus

You know, everyone is cursing Obama, but I want to agree with him. Yesterday at the UN he made a lot of common sense. Don’t believe me? You just have to listen carefully. 

Obama: Some major powers behave in a way that violates international law. 

Rogers: The truth! He is repentant, just have to tear the shirt on his chest.

Obama: America has a profound understanding of the long history between Russia and Ukraine, but we can’t stand by while the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country is subjected to a flagrant violation. 

Rogers: That’s right! You need to restore the territorial integrity of the USSR (or Russian Empire, or even both). 

Obama: Realism requires to enter into a compromise to stop armed clashes. But realism requires implementation of an organized transitional phase from *** to a new leader with an inclusive government.  

Rogers: Instead of stars it should definitely say “Poroshenko”. A transition phase from Poroshenko to a new leader must be implemented. And only then the armed clashes will cease. 

Obama: A tyrant and his allies are not able to satisfy the vast majority of the population. 

Rogers: I’m telling you, this is exactly about Poroshenko. 

Obama: When a dictator kills tens of thousands, it’s not the internal politics of the country. 

Rogers: And I also urge to bomb Poroshenko and his UGIL. I hope the first French and Turkish bombings will begin this week?

Obama: Most people in the country, after chemical weapons were used against them, after they were shot, are no longer able to tolerate *** and his allies. 

Rogers: Who is under the stars? Well, of course, Poroshenko and his Nazi allies who had used phosphorous bombs and shelled civilian towns.  

Obama condemned the atrocities of terrorists and said that it is necessary to use force against them. “We do this to show that terrorists who commit horrific crimes will never find refuge” – said Obama. Listen, Poroshenko, Turchinov, Yatsenyuk? You will never find refuge! Your chief promised. A regime that carries out indiscriminate bombardment of residential areas, leading to the deaths of thousands of innocent people, cannot exist with impunity. Therefore we definitely need the international coalition against Poroshenko.  Poroshenko must go, he has no future in Ukraine. And some big countries should cease to violate international law and interfere in Ukraine’s affairs, especially if they don’t have a long shared history with it and are actually on another continent and in another hemisphere. 

Payett, go home! Right, comrade Obama? 

PS By the way, even about the “girls who have to go to school”, I laughed first, but then I got it. After all, Poroshenko said that Western Ukrainian children will go to school, and the children of Novorossiya will sit in basements – and that is why Obama has also condemned these words of Poroshenko.  

Game over, Porosya, you are dead! Obama dumped you.

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