Odessa Right Sector, Azov Battalion to Blockade Transnistria


September 21, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Odessa’s pro-Ukrainian organizations, including “Automaidan”, “Council of Public Safety”, “Right Sector”, intend to hold a warning protest in Kuchurgan, informed the press-secretary of Odessa “Right sector” Varvara Chernoivanenko on her Facebook page.

According to her, the protest will be held in support of the Ukrainians residing in Transnistria, and in solidarity with the blockade of Crimea.

At the same time the fighters of “Azov” battalion also intend to block the border with Transnistria.

“We support the Crimean Tatars, because in Crimea there are now the same repressions, as in Transnistria. FSB jails those who love Ukraine”, — explained one of the organizers Oleg Khvoshevsky.

As promised by the activists, they will not threaten and harass the drivers heading to Transnistria in personal vehicles. The campaign is focused mainly on trucks delivering goods to the unrecognized republic.

According to Khvoshevsky, the purpose of the blockade is to ensure that the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic will stop, says the activist, “disregarding” Ukraine. If the goal will not be achieved, and the breakaway government of Transnistria does not respond, “Azov” will also block the railroad tracks in this direction.

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