Odessa, three hours by plane from Paris

Catherine the Great, Odessa

A letter from Angelina Siard, September 17, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

I left my beloved Odessa several years ago. It just worked out in my personal life, that I’ve since lived in France. Every return to my hometown was like “A Moveable Feast.” The people there were as if, even after 100 years of separation, everything would seem just like yesterday. … It was my spiritual home.

Today it is covered by the fumes of a demoniacal fascist plague.

Shortly before the opening of the February 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, French television was suddenly sharply peppered with angry attacks and criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin. And in late February in Ukraine, there was the Maidan ….

In Odessa my friend Roman was one of the first to understand the consequences of this event. We talked on Skype breathless and horrified at the our discoveries, our realizations, the while the zealous crowd on Maidan Square raged on, eating the Nuland cookies and killing people for a future with lacy panties and a visa to Europe. Ukraine chose “to have” rather than “to be”.

And thus opened the way to hell.

Then came Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Mariupol, where in disbelief of their own eyes, people stopped the tanks with their bare hands, the tanks that the newly installed president of a “democratic country”aimed at them, instead of even once offering to sit down with them at the negotiating table. 

You already know what happened in Odessa in the same period. And that’s the way it was. I will just add something known to few. According to journalist Irina Lashkevich, behind the fatally sealed iron basement door of the Trade Union House, there are yet 50 more victims of the Odessa massacre.

The day of May second meant the point of no return in the history of Ukraine. A holy terror struck us learning about the incident, but on French television there flashed, for just one second, а photo depicting people about to jump from the burning floors of the Odessa House of Trade Unions. 

Similarly, in the very few following reports about the war in the Donbass, French television never once mentioned who shot and where the shells were coming from, who was bombing civilian towns, who was killing innocent children. What an eloquent silence …. What proof more blatant that they have  “The muzzle of a gun”, that already the American master is firmly holding a leash around the neck of an obedient Europe.

Nevertheless, I could not stop bombarding the French press, sending a video of the Russian journalist Alexander Zhilin on the outrages committed by the Ukrainian Army in the Donbas; I admonished French journalists setting out to the war zone. I naively tried to awaken a sense of responsibility and self-esteem, saying that France has become a colony of the United States, starting back in 1945, that this time France has a golden opportunity to redeem their shameful capitulation to fascism in World War II, their Vichy and Petain and their Winter Velodrome, and  the Resistance fighters at Vercors abandoned by De Gaulle, and that France was saved physically, but not morally, that the whole weight of the war fell on the fate of 27 million Soviet soldiers.

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The time has come to tell the truth. You have guessed it already: there was no answer, except one, in which I got platitudes about journalistic ethics and about the absolute independence –from American domination– of the French press.

September 13 this year, the streets of Odessa were again desecrated by the march of the unbridled brown plague, the plague that burned people alive in the House of Trade Unions May 2, 2014. Right Sektor chief Dmytro Yarosh, as directed straight from Washington (the war in Donbas must continue!) and who had long been calling for disobedience to Poroshenko, ordered “patriots” in Odessa to organize a march in support of political prisoners. 

Chanting their cheer-led slogans “Glory to Ukraine!”, “Ukraine above all!”, “Ropes for the Russkies!” under Bandera flags, the fanatical mob was demanding the release of Denis Polishchuk and Andrei Medvedko, under arrest for the murder of Ukrainian journalist Oles Busina. The apogee of cynicism in an obviously “democratic” country …

Similar marches have become commonplace in fascist-occupied Odessa. Ironically, this uncultured rabble, often brought from other towns and villages for another “action” does not know the history of the country, often gathering at Cathedral Square near the monument to Count Mikhail Vorontsov, 19th century Governor of New Russia! 

Mikhail Vorontsev Monument, Odessa

But the devil, who has governed the dance in Odessa, does not limit himself to loud threats of today’s power and appeals to go to war in Donbass. He sows terror in the very heart of the city. My friend from Odessa said that in the ranks of the Bandera march, he recognized a 19 year-old neighbor boy:

“I immediately went to his parents.

-What’s going on? You guys are Russian! Your son is in the ranks of the fascists!

-We’ve got no choice.

They threatened us, either your son signs up in Right Sektor or he goes to kill people in the Donbass.

——————- Fortunately, just today I saw a video where an elderly woman from Odessa, in response to questions from Ukrainian TV channel 5 fearlessly cuts the plain truth: “It’s you that divided the country! It’s you that burned our kids! “

Hold on, my city!

The power, that is anti-life, is by its very nature doomed to death.

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