Polish Media: Europeans Will Soon Flock to Russia


September 11, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Today Europe can not cope with the influx of migrants, no matter how hard politicians and heads of state try. And soon the indigenous residents of Europe will have to flee in search of a better life in Russia, because it already is for many a peaceful haven, sheltered from the turmoil. According to Polish media, some residents secretly dream about the “polite people”.

Further the author of the article was joking about the fact that it is time for Europe to read the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and look for ways of accession of the European States into Russia.

“The problem is will the Russians want to accept Poland?” – the author raises the question.

Today almost all European residents are jealous of the Russians, because they have a very strong leader, not letting down his own people under any circumstances. Besides, the Russian state model is more efficient and immune to the ongoing crisis.

“For example, residents of Hungary are having trouble sleeping due to the fact that thousands of migrants flooded the country and nobody can give guarantees that they came with peace. And next door there is a huge state, confident that if anyone comes to them with a sword, he will have to die from it.

And the government of European countries is afraid to protect their citizens from outsiders because of the fear of accusations of racism and discrimination of the rights of migrants”.

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