Poroshenko: Russia is destabilizing the Islamic State (video)


September 26, 2015

Anatoly Shariy Youtube Channel

Translated by Kristina Rus

Peter Poroshenko today talked to journalists, well how did he talk – there were three bodies nodding their heads, asking questions, to which Poroshenko already had written down the answers. But it didn’t smell of journalism, perhaps of alcohol, because Poroshenko said “Russia is destabilizing the situation in the Islamic state”.

Poroshenko: “Nothing will work out. Everyone knows well the role of Russia as a destabilizing factor in the Islamic State, Syria, Ukraine and other places.”

That person called a journalist, instead of drinking water, should have asked: “Where, where is it destabilizing the situation?”


“In the Islamic state”

“In the Islamic state”

 No more drinks for him. 

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