Poroshenko’s Hunger Games: How the ‘Crimea plan’ is Backfiring


September 24th, 2015 – 

SVPressa – translated for Fort Russ – 

“The Hunger Games” of Poroshenko. Why
the Ukrainian authorities have blocked the road to the Crimea

Petro Poroshenko is
either confused himself or he wants to confuse his overseas
“curators”. Anyway, he explained the goal of the Crimea’s trade
blockade in such an intricate way that any hopes in the good judgment and
common sense of the head of “independent” Ukraine, alas, are gone.

Let us recall that on
September 20th, Ukraine suspended the supplying of food to the Crimea by blocking
three main roads leading to the peninsula through the checkpoints
“Chongar”, “Kalanchak” and “Chaplinka” in the
Kherson region. The organizers and ideologues of the action were “old
friends” of the Crimean people and regular Russophobes of the State
Department Refat Chubarov and Mustafa Dzhemilev. The necessary force was
provided by militants from the “Right Sector” as well as the
battalions of the Interior Ministry “Kherson” and “Dnepr-1”

So far, the main achievement
of this “armed team” are eight heavy trucks, which had been
accumulated at the Ukrainian border by Monday morning. Each day of downtime
means millions in losses for Ukrainian food producers. And the loss of earnings
for drivers, among which, as reported by the Border Guards of the Crimea, a
rebellion is now brewing.

But all this seems to
be of no concern for the president of Ukraine. To him these victims seem
justified. He made it clear in Lvov, where in the company with the NATO
Secretary General Stoltenberg he opened regular military exercises at the
Yavoriv training center.

to Poroshenko, tons of food are rotting on the border with the Crimea the
purpose of which is to bring the peninsula back under the sovereignty of
Ukraine. That is, at first, by using bombs and shells the Kiev authorities
tried to make Ukraine attractive for the residents of Donbas. Now, the Maidan
regime beckons the Crimean by means of hunger …

What kind of policy is
that? How can people want to return to the country, whose authorities are
dreaming of starving them to death or killing them?

– There is nothing to
be surprised about. Poroshenko was installed into power to make Ukraine an
anti-Russian state, – says the deputy
director of the Institute of the CIS Igor Shishkin
. – It is clear that it
is impossible to instill the love of Bandera by bombing Donetsk and Lugansk.
But it is quite possible to break the resistance of the people. After all,
after all these terrible acts, including the burning of people in Odessa and in
other regions of Ukraine the Russian movement virtually withdrew from the
political field.

“SP”:– From the political
field – yes. But not from the underground.

– Yes, it was driven
underground, that’s right. And Poroshenko achieved this. At the moment they are
seriously discussing the installation of the monument to Bandera in Kiev. Therefore,
it is impossible to say that he has completely failed to carry out the tasks he
was entrusted with. He failed to clean up the Donbas, unable to erase all
Russian there.

But he has achieved
something. That is why his masters in the West turn a blind eye to all his
unseemly acts. Because Poroshenko can cope with the tasks assigned to him by
his “senior comrades” better than anyone else. He does it better than
Turchinov, and better than Yatsenyuk. There is much more blood on him.

–   “SP”:  And the
fact that he often seems inadequate? Does it suit his western comrades?

– He can look anyway
he likes – it’s such a small thing … His fate does not depend on some people
thinking he is crazy. His fate depends not on the Ukrainian voters. His fate is
decided not even in the US Embassy. It is decided in Washington. Only based on
the decisions made there he can be removed at any moment.

There is no reason to
do it now. He is doing all the necessary things. This blockade is another
reason to aggravate relations with Russia.

“SP”: – In Russia, people
are not overly concerned with this considering it as yet another whim – not
more  …

– However, another
“coin” has been cast into the anti-Russian piggy bank. Yes, now we
witness a virtual cessation of hostilities in the East. And it is necessary to
do something again to spur the confrontation with Russia. The blockade serves
this purpose. Then the goons from the “volunteer” battalions must
somehow be occupied with something.

In fact, here
Poroshenko kills two birds with one stone. He has announced that in Ukraine the
fate of the entire European civilization is determined. He shows that he
continues to resist the “barbaric aggression of Russia” on the border
with the Crimea. At the same time, he keeps busy all these “thugs”
from the “Right Sector”, who are also dangerous to him.

“SP”: – But such a policy,
above all, has a negative impact on the Ukrainian producers. Those drives that
have been blocked at the border are ready to strike …

– And Poroshenko does
not care that Ukrainian farmers or truckers suffer damages. After all, the
current Kiev authorities have embarked on a complete breaking of relations with
Russia. The Economic Minister of Ukraine makes announcements in which he
describes as a great achievement the fact that the Ukrainian economy is no
longer dependent on the Russian market. Yes, it means huge losses, closed
factories, laid off people. But Poroshenko apparently does not consider the
citizens of Ukraine as his own.

“SP”: – In this case, it is
a big mistake. After all, elections will be held soon …

– Was Poroshenko
elected because people suddenly fell in love with him? He was actually
appointed by the US. The fate of Poroshenko does not depend on how the people
vote. Do you remember the last year’s elections to the Rada? In just two weeks
Yatsenyuk created his political party which received most seats.  Today, its rating is 0 per cent.

If need be, they will
write any number of votes, and the entire West will be applauding to “the
most democratic elections in the world”. Just the same way they were
applauding after the presidential election of Poroshenko. At a time when his
rivals (Oleg Tsarev, for example) were just beaten.

Yes, some presidential
candidates were beaten, and the entire West was enthralled how well the
elections were organized.

Therefore, do not
think that people will be disappointed with Poroshenko and will not go to the
ballot boxes. Voters have long been disappointed. But if it is to the advantage
of the West, Poroshenko will receive as many votes as required. And those who will
dare to question the fairness of the elections will be quickly subdued. The
regime has already shown how to deal with dissenters.

–  “SP”: – Well, what
does this blockade mean for the Crimeans?

– The fact is that the
bulk of trade flows has always been to the Crimea via Ukraine. The Kerch ferry
crossing make things logistically more complicated. A bridge to ensure the
uninterrupted supply to the Crimea has not been built yet.

There are problems
with electricity supply. Russia was forced to sign an agreement to supply
electricity to Ukraine at very low prices in exchange for the arrangement that
Kiev will supply electricity to the Crimea. But because of these difficulties,
no one would surrender. The Crimeans have chosen their own destiny.

According to the Crimean writer and publicist Platon Besedin,
we should not look for deeper meaning in the statement of Poroshenko:

– He just had to say
something to justify this stupidity. So he said it. While we all understand
that this blockade is just a redistribution of business. As well as the
shooting in Mukachevo. It’s just the redistribution of the spheres of influence
and interests under very convenient political slogans.

And of course, this is
a serious blow to the agricultural sector of the Kherson and Zaporozhia
regions. Previously, quality products were primarily shipped to the Crimea.
Where to now? All I can say that certainly not to Europe, where farmers do not
know what to do with their own milk, fruit and meat.

“SP”: – When Poroshenko
“entices” the Crimeans with hunger, does he not understand that he is
talking nonsense?

– The logic is
definitely there. First, he had previously talked with the NATO
Secretary-General. Secondly, it is clear that all of this is controlled by
Western curators. What is their logic? When the Crimean residents will see
their living standards deteriorate, it is likely they will remember the times
when they were a part of Ukraine and think about how to get back. And, of
course, the blockade somehow will harm the Crimea.

But they are wrong.
They think that if they destroy the social and economic life on the peninsula,
or try to destroy it, the Crimea will appeal to them eager to negotiate …

However, the return of
the Crimea was not a socio-economic act. It was ideological, I would even say, metaphysical
act. That is something they just do not seem to understand. They do not see the
true causes of the historic reunification of the Crimea with Russia.

They come from a
purely materialist matrix of Western American thinking. And from their point of
view it is quite logical. They are trying to destabilize the life on the
peninsula to make people nostalgic of some drowsy satiety. But this will not

The Crimea, by the
way, is quite capable of becoming a self-sufficient region. And it was the
fault of the Kiev policy that artificially made it subsidized.

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