Positive trend in rail freight indicates hidden capacity of the Russian economy

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September 24, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

The rail freight turnover in August increased by 0.8%, breaking the trend of the first half of 2015

According to official data of “Rosstat” [Russian Statistics], the freight turnover of railway transport in August 2015 increased compared with the same period of last year by 0.8%, having broken the downward trend from the first half of the year. In January-August the decrease in rail freight turnover amounted to only 0.1%.

Mikhail Delyagin [one of the top Russian economists], said: “This demonstrates not only the overcoming by the railways of the disaster of 2013 and some normalization of operations, but also about a certain hidden capacity of the entire Russian economy. Stability of freight transport is a good sign; but I am afraid that the efforts of the liberals that determine the economic policy of the state, as in the 1990-ies, will break the thirst for life of the real sector”.

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