Pravy Sektor extremists set up blockade of Crimea

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Novorossia Today

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Translated from French by Tom Winter

The extremists of Pravy Sektor have installed a blockade of supplies to Crimea in the Kherson region. They are blocking the highways to prevent the trucks that bring in provisions from getting there, reports Television Network 112. 

At the moment there are about 300 people gathered alongside the highway up to the frontier post at Changar. More keep arriving by car and by bus, the network reports. 

The Ukrainian extremists set up trashbins of cast concrete. Furthermore they are benefitting from the support of the local authorities who have put a tent city at their disposal, where local activists furnish them food and water. The local Pravy Sektor office has spelled out that they had to get the authorization of the regional Pravy Sektor directorate.

Earlier the Ukrainian MPs were envisaging blocking the frontier with Crimea and cutting off its food supplies. The extremists of Pravy Sektor supported the idea, along with representatives of the Tartars from Crimea. Sunday a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Refat Chubarov confirmed to journalists that demonstrators were blocking trucks delivering supplies into Crimea, but letting pedestrians and cars cross the border. “Our action will last.  The Verkhovna Rada has to duscuss the project of a law that will regulate the relations between continental Ukraine and the occupied Crimea,” he said, adding that it would be necessary to abrogate the law on free exchange in Crimea.

Vice premier of Crimea, Mikhail Cheremat, considered the blockage “a political farce.” He indicated that currently the border situation remained calm, but he emphasized that Crimea was prepared to settle any disturbance.

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