Putin: Kiev Under Foreign Control – Insults Ukrainians


September 10th, 2015

Vox Populi Evo

In the course of the first Eastern economic forum in 

Vladivostok, Vladimir Putin answered some important questions of journalists. In particular, he was asked about perspectives of the economy in terms of falling of prices for oil:

Putin: The government has a number of measures, proposals what and how to do in such conditions. There is nothing strange for us in it. By the way, we discussed it with our Chinese friends, we don’t see anything dramatic here. I guess that these stock quotations were quite expected. The best reply – increase of business freedom. The Central Bank efficiently reacts in this direction.

President of Russia was asked to give a forecast of further development of the situation between Kiev and Donbass:

Putin: I would like to remind that in accordance with Minsk agreements any corrections to the Consititution of Ukraine can be made, but they must be made in course of discussions and dialogue with Donbass, with the territories of unrecognized republics – DPR and LPR. Unfortunately, the authorities in Kiev don’t make anything like this. This depends not on us, it depends on Ukraine itself, on Ukrainian people, how long Ukrainian people can stand this disorder. I have already told that Ukraine is set for outside control, all key posts in the government, and now in key regions are taken by foreigners. I think it is an insult of Ukrainian people.
Also Vladimir Putin commented the crisis with migrants to Europe.


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