Putin vs the Neocons – 1:0


September 30, 2015

Mikhail Delyagin

Translated by Kristina Rus

Russia created the first since the collapse of the Warsaw Pact international coalition and will legally defend itself from Islamic terror on its frontiers

The Federation Council for the second time in a year and a half gave President Vladimir Putin the right to use the army outside of Russia. Sources reported that this pertains only to Syria. The head of the administration, former defense minister, Sergei Ivanov said we are talking only about airstrikes.

Mikhail Delyagin said: “It was ridiculous to wait until the U.S. fed Islamic fundamentalists will eat up Assad and come for us. It was ridiculous to wait until the destruction of Syria would open a land route for Qatari gas to Europe.

The fight against ISIS in Syria – is defense of Russia on its far frontiers: it is easier and cheaper, however the US providing the Islamists with advanced air defense weapons poses a serious danger.

Obama knowingly fled from journalists after a meeting with Vladimir Putin: looks like he was just put before the fact of creation of Russia’s first post Warsaw Treaty international military coalition. The harbinger was the creation of a unified information center in Baghdad, uniting Syria, Iraq, Iran and Russia – the countries that actually fight terrorism. Hope, actually it is a complete command center; I hope there are representatives of China, who do not want the pro-American terrorists to blow up the Xinjiang-Uigur region. And it is important that the United States could not record the transfer of our aircraft to Syria: it indicates the scale of our technical superiority over them in this area.

Obama’s statement that the departure of Assad is no longer his priority, establishing a direct link between the Pentagon, the Defense Ministry and the expulsion of the head of the “Russian Department” of the Pentagon, are encouraging news.

It seems that Obama became a “lame duck”, for the sake of Biden’s victory and deterrence of the neocons (including Hillary Clinton) have abandoned the policy of supporting Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism, from which he began his rule. The promises of Saudi Arabia to take down Assad militarily give impression of a random administrative fluctuation or a last desperate attempt to reverse the decision already made by the master. 

It is important that on the eve of the UNGA session, the leadership of Saudi Arabia has ordered to completely stop funding Islamic militants in three months.

Vladimir Putin, having completed in recent months a genuine diplomatic blitzkrieg and, it seems, reaching agreement with Israel and Saudi Arabia, achieved a victory over the neocons, which went unnoticed in Russia’s and, consequently, over the forces of global destabilization. 

This victory is not complete and cannot be so, however, it wins us at least a year and makes Russia the geopolitical leader of reasonable Islam.

If this person [Putin] refuses to go for a fourth term, he will have to be forced to do it”.

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