Putin’s Doctrine


September 30, 2015

Blogger Da_Dzi

Translated by Kristina Rus

Kerzak_1: Interesting. 
Do you know what’s key?
I think, the West is beginning to understand that Crimea was not an anomaly
We are ready to act at any moment
And firmly
But within the law

Da_Dzi: Firmly, but within the law, that’s the edge! 🙂


At the UN Putin several times for the slowest ones emphasized one important point – how Russia will now act. 

With force. But always legally. 

With force. But only legitimately. 

With force. But with respect to state sovereignty. 

With force. But only in full contact and arrangements with legitimate governments, not all sorts of lousy oppositions.

This is how Russia is acting in Syria. But! Russia can not do this in Ukraine. This is why virtual ‘widow’s of officers’ made so much noise at the same time with the other provocateurs claiming that NAF is falling apart, that UAF will take Donbass in two days, that the equipment is removed, the client is leaving. 

Now I understand why “strelkovtsy” are slowly but surely sent home from Donbass. Because they are provocateurs, on whom Russia can’t rely altogether. 

Their great dream – to ride tanks to Kiev and Lvov, and then a little further to Paris, Berlin, Washington and Proxima Centauri – is doomed to fail. 

Russia in the Ukrainian crisis will act within international law. There will not be any counter-coup. Otherwise it will destroy the policy and the status of Russia- the lawmaker in the international arena. 

The dismantling of Ukraine will go through Donbass. By political, economic, military, legitimate methods – as the government of DPR and LPR is elected by the people. And therefore fully legitimate under international law. No matter what Kiev or the USA say.

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