Putin’s speech in the UN: Whom did he call Hitler?

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September 30th, 2015 – 

By: russkiy-malchik – 

Translated for Fort Russ by Paul Siebert –


This was not a second
Munich speech both in terms of emotion or content. But it will go down in
history as the proclamation of the “second anti-Hitler coalition,”
which will gradually lead to radical changes in the balance of power in the

Unlike Barack Obama, who was trying to appear as the ruler of the
universe, Vladimir Putin spoke calmly, even modestly, as if condescending
towards the “suntanned ruler”. Realizing his strength and
understanding the ways the humanity can find a way out of the impasse and avoid
a global confrontation. Putin has not offered simple recipes, but pointed to
the main principle. 

No one should be exceptional and divide the planet into
different security zones – for the elite and all the rest. International
community does not mean the right for the ruler to invade inconvenient
countries, but mutual and voluntary removal of barriers and borders between
countries. Putin has stressed that the foundation of a true democracy is in
sovereign nation-states. 

But states should be able to defend their sovereignty,
even by using force. And this is not done on the podium of the United Nations.

Neither Obama nor any
of the leaders of the Western countries, even their flunkies such as Poland,
dared to call Putin Hitler at the UN as is regularly done by their propaganda.
Meanwhile, Putin himself drew very distinct parallel with the year 1941,
calling for the creation of anti-Hitler coalition. But who is Hitler? ISIL? 

in the same speech, Putin bluntly pointed out that terrorists are used and supported
by the Western countries, particularly, Washington. At the same time Putin invites
Washington to combat ISIL – to cease to be a world

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