Refugee Crisis: “Middle Ages have Returned to Europe”


September 16th, 2015 – 

Yurasumy – PolitRussia – 

Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear – 

refugee situation in Europe is deteriorating. The flow of people, pouring into the most prosperous countries in the Eurozone, sweeps away everything – the
walls, the police, and the border services. The refugee situation is considered
so threatening that Hungary and Germany decided to use to military units to
assist law enforcement units. Railways between Hungary, Germany, Austria
are in fact paralyzed. Tens of thousands of people every day moving in an
endless stream towards a better life, making it obnoxious for a large portion
of the native inhabitants of Europe.

Exodus to Europe

The flow of refugees to Europe is increasing
not by months, but by days. In early August, officials of the migration service
of Germany spoke about 800,000 people in 2015. Exactly a month later they had to
admit that they were wrong. Now the possible number of refugees for this year
is estimated at 1 200,000 people. And it is clear that this is a preliminary number
that could rise at any moment. Over the past weekend in Munich alone there were
more than 15,000 refugees. 

It should be understood that this was just the
first wave. Settlers, yes we need to call things by their proper names – they
are settlers, do not intend to return to their Homeland. Then everything will
go according to operating scheme. They call their families, relatives. And
there will be only guessing at what coefficient we should multiply the above

But this is only a surface of the iceberg.
Suddenly the pouring stream opened the long-dormant issue of the first wave of
settlers in “German Paradise”. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants five and
even ten years ago are now being driven away from their familiar “warm” places
to different regions of Germany. The thing is that they technically have no
right to take even cheap, and often free housing designed for refugees and
other displaced persons. 

But unless there was a pressing problem with
middle Eastern immigrants, they had not been touched. People lived, saved on housing
and were happy. Today this happiness comes to an end along with detachments of
police cleaning up all available people from their homes. Often people do not
even get to collect their stuff. Germany is a hospitable country, but is it
still a country where laws are respected. And these laws are on the side of the
new immigrants.

A million new immigrants with the prospect
of several more millions in the future – this plus hundreds of thousands of
unemployed. Today job a search in places of congestion of migrants becomes
non-trivial problem. All that adds up to the economic downturn caused by the
rupture of many business ties with Russia. Germany is rapidly moving towards a
systematic and global socio-economic crisis.

The end
of “The Schengen area”?

Hungary is the first country of the Schengen
area to begin to pound the alarm and to take protective measures. In fact, all
official actions of Budapest now go against the rules and laws of the EU
“Schengen” agreement and rules of tolerant Europe. 

Today, the country has enacted a law “on
refugees and border”. According to it, the illegal crossing of the border
would be considered a crime punishable with jail time or deportation. Damage  of the boundary wall when trying to overcome
it is also considered a crime. In addition, tougher penalties for smugglers
transporting offenders across the border.

Thus, Hungary discards bases of the
legislation on migrants, laid the basis of the “Schengen” agreement,
forcing neighboring countries to do the same. This precedent can go on the
principle of “Domino” throughout Europe. The threat is so great that
ignoring it is dangerous for any country of the  “Schengen” zone. 

Yet, except for Germany, most of the countries
who are concerned are countries which border the Balkans.  The main flow of immigrants is coming from
there. But tightening them in legislative measures will lead to a
redistribution of migratory flows, which has already turned into a highly lucrative

personal, just business

The stream of “Syrian” refugees,
because now they all pretend to be Syrian, not only Sudanese black people, has
become a nightmare even for Germany, but for criminal groups of the Balkan
Peninsula and the Middle East this is a real gold mine.

For the Europeans, the Arabs are all Syrians.
For a small fee any resident of a prosperous Arab country can turn into a “Syrian”.
Because now it’s the most favorable attitude to them in European countries.
Therefore, an investment in the documents of the crumbling country, where no
one will ever be able to check passport details, has become profitable. But it’s
just details. The main money is made on the displacement of hundreds of
thousands of people.

The scales of the market are impressive.
Moving one person costs at least several thousand euros. A million of migrants is
already billions of euros of pure income. And in 2015 it is planned to deliver
more than one million of “golden people” across the border of the countries of
the “Schengen” This is very lucrative, and therefore very difficult to
fight. The reaction of the crime is always faster than reaction of the
democratic state institutions, so any restrictive measures applied so far, did
not give any result. Few believe in the effectiveness of new ways to protect
yourself from migration problems. Obviously, all the standard steps can be
easily calculated and bypassed.

noteworthy example occurred in Italy. When the coast guards intercepted the
ship with Kurdish refugees and wanted to force it to turn back, a woman threatened
to throw her children overboard… the Authorities went back on their word and let
the ship pass.

In fact, an already established market for
services will be developed by… the laws of the market. First, the cream will
be taken. It is already happening. Then the fare will be lower, but revenues
will remain unchanged due to the increasing number of refugees. The criminal
segment of the market has resulted in a chain reaction of related phenomena. In
the vastness of the Mediterranean the formidable “Cilician” pirates
have appeared once again. There are cases of robbery of ships with immigrants.
The pirates intercept ships at sea and commit a common robbery. At least they
don’t kill – and thanks for that.

The middle ages have
returned to Europe
. And this
happens very quickly and even organized, in any case, there are those for whom
all this is very beneficial.


The beneficiaries must be sought not only
among the Middle Eastern and European crime syndicates. These people work in
the wings and just enjoy a good moment to earn. But the process has the
customer. I see two completely different circles of interested countries.
Planning processes and receiving geopolitical benefits. The second is just
trying to solve their current problems at the expense of others.

To the first circle comprises countries that
are subjects of geopolitical games in the world. Those not numerous in the
world, and taking into account the possibilities and interests of stakeholders
it is safe to say that the main customer of the new great migration of peoples
from Asia to Europe is the USA. Only they have enough influence on all chains
in the organization and the displacement of millions of new “barbarians”
to the “blessed” countries of Europe. 

Few people even remember it, but it all
started with the enactment of laws in European countries that facilitate the
relocation of refugees. It happened in March. And in may the stream has started.
That is, in two months the information reached the Middle Eastern consumer. And
not just reached, it was “processed”. And not just processed – the mechanisms
of displacement were established. And not just mechanisms were established, but
they have already started the first stream of refugees. By July, the
information was scattered all over the Arab world. Now the Syrians are the
minority in the resettlement.  All are the
links of one chain. And all these links are controlled by only one country in
the world.

The countries of second round – these
countries are: Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan. These countries accumulated millions of
refugees on their territory. The bulk of those people are in the camps of
temporary stay where they’ve been living for several years. It is not a secret
that the “preachers” of the various branches of Islam worked in those
camps. Mostly of the radical branches. Hundreds of thousands of young and
aggressive “refugees” constitute a real threat to Europe.

The USA suggested that the countries of the
“second round” to solve some of their problems at the expense of
Europe. Who can be against? Even with the difficult problems in relations
between Turkey and the United States? So is it any surprise that the Turkish
authorities strongly contribute to the new migration flow: allocate funds and
technical means. Of course,  it’s not. So
do other countries that have received their share of “democracy” from
the Europeans who are playing 
geopolitics and calculating and unscrupulous Americans.

The storm clouds over Europe are gathering.

P. S. by the Way, in the hulls of ships,
automobiles, which are now heading towards the EU, weapons sometimes can be

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