Refugees out of Ukraine: Migrants that they don’t want to see


But Russia welcomes refugees. Without cameras, without staging, because it must respect the real pain of those fleeing, fleeing the bombs dropped by the army of their own country.

Reseau International
September 9, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter
Usually when a boat is sinking, when a disaster occurs, or whenever we are in the face of serious danger, it’s “women and children first!” This is normal human behavior, found even among animals, to the point that one might describe it as organic. But what do we see in the current migration? It’s not even a “Every man for himself!” [Sauve qui peut!] it is “young men first!” This does not exist anywhere in nature! 

Real refugees fleeing war are there before our eyes. These are the more than two million Ukrainians the Russians are assisting and the millions of Syrians put under the protection of the Syrian government in secure areas by the army. And when the Russians (them again!) try to send humanitarian cargo to them, Washington seeks to block it by ordering their lackeys to close their airspace. 

1. No, all this doesn’t exist.
2. Sorry for the quality of the image. NOT a hollywood production.
3. You will note that among the Ukrainian refugees there are a lot of women, children, elderly. Not very many strapping young men. This seems a lot more logical for a migration forced by armed conflict.

While Europe is drowning in the steady stream of refugees from the countries she herself has bombarded, Russia assumes virtually by herself the humanitarian consequences of a conflict that the Americano-centric EU policy has caused. In June of this year, 2,503,680 Ukrainians were living in Russia. In the general indifference of European self-righteousness.

Certainly, you will not see media hyping of the migration in Russia. An issue of modesty. Journalists in their waves are not embedded with these migrants throughout their journey, to end on an ecstatic note: the welcome applause by a jubilant population. Germany sets the “deplorable” tone at the Budapest Station. Good against Evil. The loop is closed, the story ends well, the good guys win, the bad guys are dismissed to the dustbin. Good Hollywood script. Even worthy of Pravda in its finest hours, but it is true that the difference has gotten a bit thin. Let’s review these heartwarming images, wherein these people seem so sincere! Will they in fact come come every night and every day to greet the other trains? Or is it enough now that we’ve got the footage? We’ll have to hold three eight heartily.

And the message is clear: It is inevitable that the influx of migrants will change Germany, and the change will be positive. Merkel said that in insisting that the process should not just matter to Germany.

Translation: Europe, not the EU, but Europe, its culture, traditions, habits – good and bad – all that we have built and that our parents have built – this civilization must belong to history. Europe must die, long live the European Union.

And some wonder why Russia does not accommodate these migrants in its territory. It would be a nice gesture, without even getting back to the statements of Fox News, which accuses Russia of helping Assad provoke the flood of refugees into Europe.

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But Russia welcomes refugees. Without cameras, without staging, because it must respect the real pain of those fleeing, fleeing the bombs dropped by the army of their country. On them. Voluntarily. For they live in caves like animals. So they die, or they leave. Just so they are no more.

Russia by itself is shouldering the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis caused by the US-dependent policy of the European Union, this trans-Atlantic-funded Maidan that caused the revolt of the people of Donbass and the civil war launched by the new power to silence them.

Before the conflict, there were about 4 million people living in the Donbass. By May 2015, best available figures: 6400 dead, 15,900 injured and 1.45 million displaced..
From June to September 2014, that is to say from the beginning of the “anti-terrorist” operation directed at civilians who were defending their land, half a million people fled to Russia. Now more than a million people have left the conflict zone, of which 600,000 have decided to settle in Russia. Currently 500-600 people arrive in Russia every day.

Few request official “refugee” status: 6000 applications and 292 granted. A large part, 355,000 people, have requested temporary refugee status. 209 000 have requested a temporary residence permit. 114 000 have decided to enter the repatriation program as expatriates — and more easily obtain Russian citizenship. 43,600 applied for a permanent residence permit. And, according to data from the Federal Migration Service, 95,800 have applied for Russian citizenship. So, for 2014, according to the High Commissioner for Refugees UN, Russia is the first country affected by a flood of migration. These figures, of course, relate only to persons lawfully on Russian soil. No accounting is taken here of illegal immigration.

Diagram of the number of Ukrainians in Russia from January 2014 to June 2015 (source: Federal Migration Service):

Thus, if Russia has welcomed more than one million Ukrainians who fled areas of conflict, she has in June 2015, 2,503,680 Ukrainians on her soil. But this is not spoken in the countries of the European Union. For there is no war in Ukraine, there is a conflict-between-Kiev-and-those-terrorist-backed-by-Russia.

And no matter what regions host Ukrainian refugees, they always have the same profile.

Surprising, right? So let us ask questions about this mass migration that is happening in the European countries. This immigration is staged like a bad movie. This immigration is largely composed of young men in their prime. Who choose to flee to earn money instead of staying to defend their country.

These modern heroes, in step with the times: the cult of flight and not of one who defends his land. That is why the Ukrainian refugees are not goods, and invisible to the Western media. Too many women, since the men stay, and fight, or have died.

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