Russian Embassy in London Backs Corbyn Against Cameron on Twitter

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September 18, 2015

Saint-Petersburg Regional Information-Analytical Center at the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies

Translated by Kristina Rus

The Russian Embassy in the UK mocks the words of David Cameron

The Russian Embassy in London commented on the remark of the British Prime Minister David Cameron on the victory of Jeremy Corbyn at the elections for the head of the Labor party. The ironic tweet had a heavy overtone and, as noted by the English-language media, reflected the situation in British politics.

It all started when Cameron in his Twitter indignantly wrote about the victory of the ultra-left Corbyn that the Labor party, headed by the latter, “is now a threat to our national security.”

The Russian Embassy wrote back: “Just imagine the headlines in the British media, if the Russian President would call the main opposition party a threat to national security”. I must say that the Russian tweet started to gain a big momentum. Russian diplomats managed to “dig” at Cameron simultaneously for the domestic politics and the anti-Russian character of foreign policy.

“The Prime Minister of Great Britain jumped to conclusions relative to his main competitor that has not escaped the attention of the Russian Embassy,” – said the American edition of “The Washington Post”. “To call the remark of the Russian Embassy “an empty reproach” would be naive. The post of the Embassy on Twitter reflects a perceptive awareness about some anxieties about Corbyn in the UK”, – writes the WP journalist.

The newly-minted leader of the second largest party in the UK is often critical about the British foreign policy. Previously, he did not hesitate to argue even with his own party if his opinion didn’t coincide with the “general line”. And once he even asked the British to withdraw from NATO. The pressure on Russia, according to Corbyn, is “one of the biggest mistakes of our time.” And although it is unlikely that these words would soon affect the real politics in London, Corbyn’s statements can seriously annoy the government, because now they are backed by the leader of the opposition.

 “The Prime Minister leads the largest party, however, he needs allies in Parliament. Cameron’s capabilities in foreign policy can be limited when the opposition is headed by a politician, like Corbyn”, – concludes the author.

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