Russian marines clash with ISIS in Syria


September 21, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

Russian marines engaged in a fight with militants of the Islamic State near the Syrian city of Latakia.

According to news agency “Fresh Wind”, on Saturday night to Sunday morning members of ISIS tried to mount an attack on the airbase, however, they were ambushed.

During the battle, the Russian military claims to have killed some militants, and some captured.

The agency also notes that the ambushed militants had a detailed plan of the air base and clear satellite images marked with key military installations.

As announced on September 20th by “MILITARY INFORMANT” On the night from September 19 to 20, our marines guarding the Russian military base, located near the settlement of Latakia (Syria), discovered a group of militants walking in the direction of the base, numbering up to 8 people. The decision was made to destroy the enemy, after all, our intelligence knew about the plans of the militants for organizing the attack on the Russian base in Latakia with mortars and small arms.

As a result of the clash, three militants were killed, two captured, and the rest retreated. During the search of the prisoners plans of the airbase and satellite images with the marked important points of the base were found. 

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