Russian prankster Lexus pranked Ukrainian journalists live on TV


Left: Vovan; Right: Lexus, his ‘teammate’; middle: Gerashenko

September 10, 2015

Life News

Translated by Kristina Rus

The prankster, introducing himself as Anton Gerashchenko, said he has the dirt on nationalist Tyagnibok and going to the U.S. Ambassador for money

Prankster Lexus spoke live with journalists of Ukrainian TV channel “Espresso TV”. Reporters called the people’s deputy Anton Gerashchenko for the comment, however, on the other line was a prankster from Russia, who presented himself as an adviser to the Interior Minister.


Fake Gerashchenko went straight to loud statements: prankster said on a live broadcast that he has dirt on the leader of the nationalist party “Svoboda,” Oleg Tyagnybok. Moreover, the available material will cost the politician criminal liability. Lexus has promised that the information will be published on Gerashchenko’s page on Facebook.

Then Lexus said that in Lugansk region soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine detained a group of GRU [General Intelligence Agency of Russia – tr.]. Alleged Russian spies surrendered and already confessed. Neither the host or the audience never suspected that they are getting fooled live by a Russian prankster.

Because of the calm reaction to the loud statements Lexus decided to effectively end a telephone conversation with the host.

— I must now go back to the office, to take bribes. There I have a big bag with American money and the American Ambassador is waiting for me at the office — no longer hiding laughter said Lexus and hung up.

Dumbfounded by the “confession” the host even thanked the fake Gerashchenko for the interview. But after a while, the Ukrainian journalists realized they became victims of a prank.

Alexey Lexus — is a famous Russian prankster, who pranks Ukrainian and international politicians on Skype and on the phone, as a result receiving risky and scandalous revelations. This is how he pranked oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, made up to look like the leader of DPR Paul Gubarev.

In a conversation with Lexus Igor Kolomoisky actively drank alcohol, admitted his respect for DPR, exposed the homosexuality of battalion commander Semenchenko and the mayor of Lvov and even revealed details of the “Boeing” crash over the Donbas.

Recently, Lexus was able to deceive the former field commander in Chechnya Akhmed Zakayev, posing as a former commander of the battalion “Donbass” Semen Semenchenko.

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