Neonazis march through Kharkov in support of the accused assassins of Oleg Busina


Translated from Russian by Tom Winter
Kharkov, September 12, 2015: Representatives of several nationalist organizations marched to show support for Denis Polishchuk and Andrei Medvedko, the suspects in the murder of journalist Oles Busina.

Several of the demonstrators showed up at the protest in masks. They burned flares and shouted the slogan
“Freedom for the patriots!”

Earlier the Kharkiv city council tried to ban the march.

Screen shot from video at site

Famous Ukrainian journalist Oles Busina was shot dead April 16, 2015 in front of his house in Kiev. 

[On the thought and murder of Busina, see “Crushing the opposition is easy” here]

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Two months later, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov announced the arrest of two suspects – Denis and Andrey Polishchuk Medvedko.

Currently, they are under arrest.

It is known that the suspects were participants in the Maidan protests, and later in the military operation in the Donbass.

In particular, Medvedko served in the volunteer battalion of “Kyiv-2”, and Polishchuk, in the 54th Reconnaisance Brigade, Defense Ministry.

Medvedko also is active in the nationalist association “C14.” The defendants have denied their guilt.

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