SBU HQ Bombed – Odessa Partisans in Action


September 30th, 2015 – 

By: Alexander Sivov, SVPressa – 

Translated for Fort Russ by Paul Siebert – 

“A bomb for the SBU – Odessa partisans in action”.

On September 27,
around 04:45, a bomb blew up the building of the SBU headquarters in the Odessa

The blast exploded on the entrance side. In accordance with its old
habit, SBU deliberately understated the power of the homemade bomb:
“According to the preliminary information, the power of the explosive
device was not less than 1 kilogram of TNT.” 

Then this figure increased to
8-10 kg. The local media reported that it was the most powerful bomb detonated by
Odessa partisans in the past year and a half. In two or three blocks from the
scene of the explosion glass flew from the windows.

The next day, the
Security Service and the authorities began to frantically “sweep the dust
under the closet”, pretending that nothing serious had happened. The
damaged section of the wall was covered with unremarkable gray film. At public
expense the glass was inserted in the residents’ windows — a rare event for

Considering that the goal
of the underground movement in the city at this stage of guerrilla warfare is
not so much in causing a military or material damage as in making “Sound
Effect”, it was a total success. 

The incident occurred in the city center,
the explosion was heard by everyone.

Kiev became
hysterical, in particular, an adviser to the interior minister Zorian Shkiryak
announced on his Facebook page:

“The main shadow patron of the terrorist
attacks on August 31 and September 27 in Odessa is the Kremlin! .. Thus, the
Russian dictator blackmails Ukraine and the whole civilized world”.

In the recent months, in
their reports to Kiev, Odessa SBU management announced the disclosure of more
and more new conspiracies: of the radical left, Communists, activists of
Antimaidan, agents of FSB and GRU, of blocking the channels for the financing
of “terrorists”… As an illustration of the SBU motions we will
quote another of its documents dated mid-September:

“Officers of the
Security Service of Ukraine in the Odessa region have detained members of a
sabotage group that was planning a series of high-profile terrorist attacks and

“On the instructions of the curators of the General Intelligence
Directorate of the General Staff of Russia, members of the group, in
particular, were going to carry out the bombings of law enforcement agencies,
voluntary and public pro-Ukrainian organizations and military installations. The
group was formed by a former employee of the Russian special service in the
temporarily occupied territory of the Crimea. “

“Its first mission was a physical
elimination of the leader of Odessa Euromaidan … The murder was planned to be
carried out in September 2015 by members of the Communist Party of Ukraine …
The detainees are testifying about their direct participation and the distribution
of roles in implementing this criminal plan … “.

According to style,
terminology, content and the spirit all this reminds of NKVD documents of late

However, this fuss has little impact on the activity of Odessa Resistance.
Those in the know laugh at these wild fantasies churned out by the
press-service of the SBU.

A few hours after the explosion
of the SBU, the Odessa underground on its YouTube channel “Odessa Ghost”
told about the conducted operation:

“… Our today’s episode
is dedicated to the operation of Odessa partisans, namely, blowing up of the
building of the SBU headquarters in the Odessa region…

This summer SBU once
again reported the elimination of the Odessa resistance. Our reply to this is
very simple – you heard it last night. “

“However, the reason why the building of
SBU was selected as a target was not only the desire to dispel the
disinformation spread by this agency. There is another reason. The reason is
that, among other law enforcement agencies serving the Kiev regime in
conducting its criminal policies, the SBU plays a special role. This is the
structure that was the first to serve Russophobic forces that seized power in
Ukraine in 2014. This is not surprising in view of its close supervision by
Western intelligence agencies.”

“During 2014 and 2015,
the SBU carried out mass repressions against anyone who did not accept the coup
of Ukrainian nationalists and fought them in different ways. From the
instrument for protecting the security of the state and society, the SBU has
turned into an ordinary secret police, serving the nationalists and the Nazis in
power in Ukraine and fighting its own people.”

“Frankly speaking, it
was a pity to detonate the building. The fact is that in the past it housed a regional
Department of the KGB — an
organization that defended the security of the country and its people … But
today, sitting in the building are not the heirs of Dzerzhinsky and Sudoplatov,
but the followers of Mazepa and Shukhevych. These are the people who have not
just forgotten what the officer’s honor is and what serving the people is, but
have deliberately chosen the side of those the ancestors of whom were destroyed
 by the State Security officers. And that
is why we decided to blast the building. “

“May all those who
persecute true patriots and suppress all Russian in our beloved Odessa trying
to turn it from the Russian southern capital into Ukrainian “Misto Odesa”
feel that they are in our city, and strange and hostile to them …

Therefore, we sent
them our present. Today we can state that the cargo reached its destination”.

Once in the network,
this video was a resounding success: in the first 30 hours it had more than 40
thousand views, and this figure is growing.

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