Spying, corruption scandal grips Poroshenko


September 15, 2015 –

Olya Talova, Antifashist – 

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski 

“New Watergate: Poroshenko listened in on OSCE, IMF, and German, French, and Belarusian embassy phones” 

Head of the Court of appeals Anton Chernushenko has again delivered a video-address in which he describes how the Ukrainian government listens in on the IMF mission, the OSCE, and also monitors conversations in the Belarusian, German, and French embassies.

Does it need to be said that his disclosures have been a bombshell? Judge the full text of the video message, which can rightfully be called an indictment, for yourselves: 

“There are many examples of how investigators and prosecutors appeal to the Court of Appeals with cases concerning the illegal restriction of constitutional rights and the freedoms of citizens. In particular, eavesdropping and wiretap monitoring. There is ample evidence that state policy is difficult to understand in principle. But, in my opinion, this is explained exclusively by the political regime that emerged in the country and the intentions of the country’s leadership to use such methods in solving political issues. 

How else can one explain the fact that methods of monitoring and wiretapping are even used against international organizations which are working in Ukraine? This can be explained only by a political decree, and this is especially apparent in cases where there is a political will to obtain information from, say, the IMF, or when a foreign delegation arrives in Ukraine…or from OSCE representatives, the Adenauer Foundation, or a number of embassies such as, for example, the Belarusian, German, French, and other ones. 

On the one hand, the Ukrainian leadership has stated that the country is committed to Europe, to European norms and standards, and is constantly begging with an outstretched hand for another loan. On the other hand, they use methods that cannot be characterized as anything other than a specific tool which is used to obtain confidential information on the activities of international agencies, organizations, and embassies. This shows a complete distrust of policies in Ukraine. Thank you for your attention.”

There is no reason not to believe judge Chernushenko. All the statements are based on specific facts, but specific names are not mentioned. However, Chernushenko is speaking about the leadership of Ukraine, so it is fully understood that the organizing of wiretapping IMF missions and the OSCE was ordered by the main faces of the country, and, above all, Petr Poroshenko. 

Judging by everything, this is a continuation of revelations started by the former head of the Court of Appeals concerning illegal actions and pressure on the judicial system by the Presidential Administration. In his last video-appeal, Chernushenko stated that President Poroshenko and Head of the Presidential Administration Oleksiy Filatov ordered him to close several cases. In particular, they mentioned the jewelry store “Graf,” which is owned by the first lady of Ukraine, as well as the percentage of Poroshenko in the “Oil and Gas” corporation which belongs to the scandalous politician and oligarch, the nominal owner of the Socialist Party, Mykola Rudkovsky.

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“When I was once again summoned by the deputy head of the Presidential Administration concerning this case, Mr. Filatov said that the decision of the court needs to support and leave unchanged the ruling of the investigating judge, because this case concerns the interests of the President of Ukraine. I told him that I studied the case, and saw no legal grounds for seizure of the property of the oil and gas company,” Judge Chernushenko said in his first video.

Chernushenko stated that Poroshenko, in the 1990’s, along with “Mr. Rudovsky, was the founder of this company. But Mr. Poroshenko sold his share, and thus lost the right to property in the company.” And, as President, having great authority, he decided to restore his corporate rights to the property of the oil and gas company, the head of the Court of Appeals explained.

Let’s remind ourselves that the war between the head of the Court of Appeals and the Ukrainian government began two months ago. On July 1, the Chairman of the Court of appeals, Anton Chernushenko, didn’t appear at his workplace after the Rada gave permission for his detention and arrest. The wife of Chernushenko said that her husband was on vacation. Representatives of the press service of the court were also reluctant to talk to the press. 

After that, the GPU, together with the SBU, raided the homes of Anton Chernushenko. They found $6.5 thousand, 26 thousand hryvnia, keys to four cars, as well as SMS texts in which he was given instruction as to which judicial decisions to make. The judge himself said that the money was going to be used for dental work and a trip to the store. In principle, $6.5 thousand is quite small for quality prosthetics and looks quite funny against the background of revelations in which the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Shulmeyster, “forgot” to declare luxury properties, yachts, and cars belonging to civil servants, or against the background of ordinary deputy Tanya Chornovil of the “Popular Front” faction’s recent acquiring of a car for a quarter of a million hryvnia. 

So the authorities have failed to present judge Chernushenko as a corrupt, malicious briber, although the General Prosecutor’s office reported suspicion that Chernushenko has committed serious criminal offenses under the criminal code of Ukraine: under part 2 of article 376-1 (illegal interference in the operation of the automated court document circulation system) and part 2 of article 375 (the imposition of knowingly unfair sentences).

Attempts to put pressure on the disgraced judge failed to result in a decision in favor of the family of Poroshenko. Even attempts on his son didn’t work. On July 3, the son of Anton Chernushenko, Dmitry, was arrested. He was accused of authoring the SMS messages which indicated which sentences were to be passed. On July 8, he was released on a bail of 6 million hryvnia. 

In other words, the “Poroshenko regime” has quickly realized its mistake in terms of pressuring representatives of the judiciary, who have tons of dirt on all of the current government. But it was too late. Chernushenko himself left abroad, according to some reports, and has opened a “Pandora’s box.” The latest revelations of Chernushenko about the bugging of embassies and foreign missions by Ukraine directly resonate with recent revelations in the German press that the NSA had bugged the phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel since 2002 for intelligence activities. 

There is no doubt that the monitoring of telephone conversations of the OSCE and the IMF, as well as the ambassadors of Belarus, Germany, and France were carried out by the intelligence services of Ukraine at the request of the US, which actually runs the “united, independent country.” Moreover, both the American and Ukrainian flags hang at the SBU building in Kiev’s city center. The wiretapping targets were not chosen by the American masters of Ukraine by chance. In Minsk, there are meetings and negotiations of the contact group on settling the crisis in Donbass, the IMF essentially keeps the dying Ukrainian economy afloat, and the German and French embassies are negotiating with Russia and other sides interested in ending the war in Eastern Ukraine. The US, on the contrary, is striving to maintain and fuel the conflict. Getting information from illegal wiretaps allows the US to fully influence Ukrainian politics and politicians, as well as manipulate European policies in their own interests. 

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