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Sunday September 6th, 2015 – 

Fort Russ Team – 

This week was packed with big events and revelations, so here’s a week-end break down of the top stories.

Remember that last week ended with an announcement by Merkel and Hollande that they supported Putin in sticking to Minsk II. Events have moved quite quickly since then. 

1. Mayhem at the Rada, Kiev

Last weekend saw first the explosive demonstration at the Rada in Ukraine, with a some serious injuries and at least one death.  This is indicative of a lot of instability and dissatisfaction in Ukraine. Unfortunately, both the protest organizers and the unpopular government are on the US dole. 

Here are the stories we ran on it:

Breaking: Live Updates – “Nationalist” Anti-reform Protest Violence in Kiev – Video, Photos, Analysis

This was the coverage piece we led with, which covered the whole event in real-time, with regular updates, for you the reader. Lot’s of photos and videos, worth watching again. 


Fascist on Fascist Violence at the Rada

A Russian analyst breaks down the madness at the Rada – he reminds us that the Natzguardia who were deployed to contain the protesters were themselves recruited from the same groups that were protesting. 



Zakharchenko blasts Poroshenko’s “Farce” reforms

Zakharchenko was quick to point out that the ‘reforms’ that sparked all of this weren’t reforms at all.  Rather, protest organizers seem to have been lying to their constituents, or just engaged in the usual mind-warping.  The ‘radical’ groups which turned out were outraged that the reforms gave their oblasts less local control – something which they want as Ukraine appears more and more ready to splinter. The fact that it did the same for the Novorossia parts seems to have escaped them. 


Verkhovna Rada: Inside, votes; outside, wounds, blood, flames

We ran this French recap of the same event, that ran in l’Humanite – some facts not quite right, but reflected the disinfo going on at the time.  Important because of the paper’s popularity and opinion shaping power. 


Was Kolomoisky behind Kiev’s Violence? Bloody Constitution Day [+video]

The Israeli we all love to hate – Highly recommended – popular blogger Yurasumy puts forward this fascinating (and well reasoned) hypothesis. 

2.Zakharchenko: Not Voting to Join Russia

This announcement came on the heels of a few important developments, including Putin, Hollande, and Merkel’s important talk which reconfirmed their commitment to Minsk II. 

Others in journalism and analysis, as well as some in the DPR leadership, indicated that they were moving to hold a referendum with the clear question – To Join Russian Federation?

Articles and speculation saying this vote would happen in September were put to rest (for now) with Zakharchenko’s statement.  Is it possible the drama surrounding Purgin and his replacement with Pushilin was connected to this?

3. Victory Day Parade in China

This was a major event, which under normal conditions would have eclipsed all others.  But with big changes in the world happening on a daily basis, it was only one of several leading stories for the week.  Nevertheless, we ran a few stories on this – the western media also had a conniption of this one, so we were especially fond of it. 

Here are the stories we ran it

Parade in the PRC – a signal to the friends and enemies of China

This was the popular PolitRussia‘s take on it.  We often translate their analysis pieces; they are popular in Russia. 


The Lessons of History and of New Frontiers by Sergei Lavrov

Written in connection with Victory Day, with the grace, precision, integrity and elegance we have come to expect from Lavrov, he writes this highly recommended special article we had to deliver to our readers. 


China’s Understated Victory Parade vs. a Libelous, Criminal Western Media

Fort Russ’s own Flores wrote this popular piece, that showed the western media angle for what it was.  It was also carried by Greanville Post and Russia Insider


4. Purgin Out, Pushilin In

This is a developing story that we suspect will be big into next week as well.  This may be connected to Zakharchenko ‘clarifying’ that DPR would not be ‘voting’ to join Russia, or perhaps to statements made incompatible with ‘agreements as Tass reported (Minsk II?)


5. Are Russians Fighting in Syria?

We don’t know what to think (wink wink) – which means Russia’s attempt to ‘obfuscate’ is working. Clearly Russia has a strategic interest, and supports the legitimate government of Assad, which is still recognized as such at the UN.  We also know that Russia has continued to provide weapons, technology, humanitarian aid, even print Syria’s currency. 

Another thing we know is that Russian contractors are training (in real situations) and advising.  Ex-Special forces teams (now contractors) are certainly there.   Does this mean that the ‘Russian Army’ is there?  Not exactly. By international legal standards, the US has certainly tried to establish a new precedent; Russia can’t be faulted for playing the symmetry game. 

This is a developing story too, and we expect next week will see some more action from this. 

6. Navalny Outed as US Collaborator 

Well, Putin’s biggest and most popular critic, was outed by a local activist-blogger.  If you didn’t catch this one this week, now’s your chance.  We weren’t surprised, but we were relieved. 

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