Syrian rebels Panic, flee to Europe: New facts and angles

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September 28th, 2015 – 

Alexander Vasilyev, RusVesna – 

translated for Fort Russ by Paul Siebert

a cursory analysis of the correspondence among the militants of the
“Islamic state” and Syrian opposition in social networks shows that
the morale of the “revolutionaries” and “fighters for the
Caliphate” is very different from what it was a few weeks earlier.

is a significant number of posts and messages calling for the rebels to leave Syria and move to Europe
in the ranks of refugees, where the “dumb infidel sheep will provide us
with the money and accommodation”.  

reason for that is the fear of Russia.
Even rumors about the appearance of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria caused
panic in the ranks of ISIL. Some of the rebels are ready to run in order to
avoid direct confrontations with the Russian army. Especially in the Russian
segment of the Internet threats on behalf of the Chechens are multiplying,
promising to find and destroy the terrorists in Syria,
who once fled the fighting in Chechnya
and are fighting now on the side of the Islamists. It is encouraging that the
Russian army inspires the fear among terrorists, but there are several
unanswered questions.

the one hand, we must remember that the war in Syria has been going on for four
years and it is not easy to scare the militants. Although, considering the
simulation of air strikes by the Americans and their allies, the Russian Air
Force can really cause substantial damage to all who, in one way or another, are
linked to the “Islamic state.”

the other hand, we must understand that the flow of refugees from Syria has rushed to Europe
for a reason. It is beneficial to someone. Someone is organizing and funding
this process. Many facts point to the involvement of the United States
to this “mass resettlement of the peoples”.

it is almost a certainty that the “Islamic state” is controlled by
the Pentagon and Langley, we see a direct interest in Washington
in the migration of militants to Europe. Europe
will be overwhelmed by a wave of terror and Russia
will be blamed — after all, the Russian troops drove the terrorists
from their homes and they started to misbehave in Europe.

it might seem fantastic, this version deserves attention. After all, no one
could imagine that the US
might conduct experiments with nuclear weapons on Japanese civilians or that
American soldiers under false pretexts would destroy the State of Iraq. There
are dozens of similar examples, and each new one only strengthens the belief
that for the sake of their interests the United States would stop at

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