The beautiful city of Donetsk – with Texas [video] ТВ СВ-DPR Issue# 524


September 1st, 2015 – 

EoT TV – intro translate by Joaquin Flores – 

The beautiful city of Donetsk Kiev, which the punitive operation has destroyed, at the behest of the US government, the EU and NATO.

According to, Texas the DPR volunteer, the people of the US and the EU will determine how long this war goes. 

Donetsk residents do not want to be ruled by Kiev Nazis, they will resist and fight.

This war is not only against fascism in Kiev, the war against world fascism.

Soldiers of the DPR army, with honor and courage,  carry out their part of the tasks in this war.

Donbass will not surrender. But the end of the war depends on the peoples of the US and the EU.

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