The Lessons of History and of New Frontiers by Sergei Lavrov


September 3rd, 2015

By Sergei Lavrov – translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear

The words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his colleague – the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Yi – written specially for the readers of “Russians’ Gazette” and the “People’s Daily “

This year is
marked by the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.
For Russia and China this anniversary has a special significance. Our countries
were allies in the struggle against Nazism and Japanese militarism, took the
brunt of the aggressors and suffered the heaviest losses. Thanks to the
unparalleled courage, willingness to sacrifice and the mobilization of all forces, our nations managed to survive in that terrible fight, and win.

aggressive actions of Japan were the prologue of the Second World War, in 1931
Japan invaded Manchuria, and in 1937 unleashed a large-scale military action
against China. The Soviet Union was the only state that had provided a real
help to China, the Soviets delivered modern combat aircraft, tanks, artillery,
small arms and machine gun armament, means of communication, various types of
military equipment. About 5 thousand Soviet military specialists were engaged
in battles, including a large group of pilots.

After the Tokyo’s rejection of surrender, our
country, faithful to its commitments, entered the war in the far East. Soviet
troops in the shortest time, defeated the powerful group of Japanese land
forces. North-Eastern China and Korea were liberated from the occupation.

Tens of thousands of Soviet soldiers gave
their lives for freedom and independence of China. We are pleased that Beijing
cherishes the memory of our fallen compatriots. A military memorial was opened this year in Heilongjiang province, remembering the first joint expedition and an example of successful cooperation
in the field. It is the location of the remains of Soviet soldiers.

Today we are facing a blatant desire to falsify
the history of war and to equate the victims to the executioners. All this not
only offends our nations, but is also shaking the foundations of the modern world
order enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations. Therefore, it is
imperative that our countries are united in seeking to continue to vigorously
defend the historical truth, to defend the fruits of our Victory. It is
difficult to overstate it in this context, the importance of the participation of
the President XI Jinping in the celebrations in Moscow, and the unit of the
armed forces of the PRC which marched on Red Square during the 9th May

The fate of the world cannot be determined either by a single state or by a narrow group of countries.

In the current difficult international
situation, characterized by a high level of turbulence and the increase of the
crisis, one should not forget the lessons of the past, so as to avoid fatal mistakes
in the future. The fate of the world cannot be determined either by a single
state or by a narrow group of countries. The bombing of Yugoslavia, the
occupation of Iraq, the chaos in Libya and the fratricidal war in the Ukraine all demonstrate the tragic results of a deviation from this elementary truth: 

country is entitled to capture and retain global dominance and to impose its own
opinions, will and values on others.

70 years ago the participants of the
anti-Hitler coalition were able to rise above ambitions and differences, and unite for the defeat of the common enemy, and for the destruction of  a criminal ideology. The most important result of the joint efforts was the
creation of the United Nations, the 70th anniversary of which is being widely
celebrated this year.

This spirit of Alliance and the overall lessons
of the Second World War confirm the necessity of collective work in the
interests of finding effective responses to challenges facing the global-scale
threats, and the value of equal and mutually respectful partnership, which is
essentially the only way to prevent new conflicts.

this philosophy the Russian-Chinese relations are based and they are the best
for all of the history and continue to improve. They are based on sincere
feelings of friendship and affection of our people, deep mutual respect and
trust, mutual respect of the key interests of each other and the interest in
the prosperity of our countries. Essentially we are talking about inter-state
relations of a new type, a kind of new model of cooperation for the XXI

Tens of thousands of Soviet soldiers gave
their lives for freedom and independence of China

interaction in the world arena became an important factor in the maintenance of
international and regional stability. Russia and China adhere to the same or
closely related approaches to the key problems of modernity, we have
consistently advocated the formation of a new polycentric world order based on
international law, respect for the identity of peoples of their right to an
independent choice of development path. We are the decisive opponents of
imposing its will on sovereign nations, including by force, unilateral
sanctions, and the practice of “double standards”.

We are effectively coordinating our actions in
various multilateral platforms, including the UN, the “group of 20”,
and the BRICS and SCO summits, which were successfully held in July in Ufa, and we
always give each other mutual support.

The interdependence which is growing in the
conditions of globalization, the emergence and strengthening of new centers of
power and influence require innovative approaches to ensure sustained growth of
the world economy. Only together guided by the logic of partnership and mutual
benefit it is possible to address these challenges.

The Eurasian Economic Union which started functioning
on 1 January 2015 is intended to be a significant factor in ensuring
sustainable economic development of its members. However, we do not oppose any
other integration processes in Eurasia, on the contrary we are willing to work
to conjugate them and to build bridges between Europe and the Asia-Pacific

A similar creative direction put forward by China is the concept of the
Economic Belt of the Silk Road. The vector of formation brought forth from these
projects of common economic space provides the opportunities for the harmonization of our efforts.

An important step in this direction was the
signing of the Russian-Chinese Joint Declaration on cooperation in the building
of the EEU and the Silk Road in Moscow on May 8th 2015. In fact it
is about the strategy aimed at ensuring the complementarity of these
initiatives with maximum efficiency for all members. It is important that
within the framework of planned goals, we will adhere to the principles of
transparency, mutual respect, equality, and openness for
all members – both in Asia and Europe. Of course, it will be a long process,
but according to a Chinese proverb, “the strong will overcome an obstacle,
the wise – all of the way”.

A necessary condition for the development of
fruitful cooperation in the Asia Pacific region, whose role in the world
economy and politics will only increase is to strengthen regional stability.
This explains the relevance of the establishment of reliable mechanisms for
ensuring equal and indivisible security in the region based on non-aligned
approaches. The Russian-Chinese initiative on security and cooperation in the
Asia Pacific region launched in September 2010 was aimed at solving this
problem.  With consideration of its
principles, Russia together with China and Brunei made a proposal to start work
on the building of regional architecture which meets modern realities and which
was endorsed at the 8th East Asia summit in October 2013.

We intend to continue hand in hand with our
Chinese friends to do whatever is necessary to ensure that our collaboration is
for the benefit of our peoples, in the name of approval of our ideals of
justice and equality in the international arena. The important part of success is
a rich and trusting dialogue at the highest level. I am sure that coming in
early September visit of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to China will
give a strong additional impetus to our multi-faceted strategic partnership and
will contribute to the further disclosure of its inexhaustible potential.

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