The Suicidal Tolerance and the Sinking of Germany 2.0


September 7, 2015

Ylyana Skojbeda

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated by Kristina Rus

Economist Mikhail Delyagin on the immigration chaos in Europe: Germany will not come to its senses until it will drink the cup to the bottom

A prominent public figure responded to the article of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” on his social network page.

According to a renowned economist Mikhail Delyagin, Russia should help the migrants remind the Old World about its inherent values and interests.

A week ago we published the diary of our reader from Bavaria about a frightening invasion of immigrants. This article became most read for the week with 340,000 views and 3,500 comments on 

A prominent public figure Mikhail Delyagin immediately responded on his social network page: “About ten days ago I came back from Germany: even in Munich veiled women are seen on the streets. Forget about Stuttgart and others. And, you know, after what I had heard from the Germans and their journalists over the past two years, – I personally do not feel sorry for them.”

We invited Mikhail to Komsomolskaya Pravda radio to continue the pressing subject.

– Michail, what have you seen with your own eyes?

– Women in burqa. On the outskirts, but not in headscarves, in burqa that completely covered the faces and the figures with slits for eyes. And in sneakers, which is funny. Here I have to explain: Bavaria was never known for suicidal tolerance, there they don’t even love Germans too much, they say: “We are not Germans, we are Bavarians”.

Сотрудники македонской полиции пытаются навести порядок на границе с Грецией, где скопились тысячи мигрантов.
Macedonian police trying to bring order on the border with Greece, occupied by thousands of immigrants

I did not see any mischief, but the impression from Europe has changed. We respected European hard work – now there are hordes of unemployed on social benefits, whom Allah told not to work. We were in awe of the ancient cathedrals, the Christian culture – now the Catholics are ashamed of crucifixes! And the sense of security is gone. In some places you walk by those squatting along the streets and read their looks: “How much could you take from him?”

And the stories about the students-immigrants who know that until maturity they can maim German peers with impunity, are powerful.

– Why did Europe abandoned itself for the sake of outsiders? Why? Where is the sense of self-preservation?

– European elites are irresponsible: national leaders handed over the responsibility to Brussels, and the European bureaucracy did not pick it up. And they understand: if today we allow the Europeans to defend themselves from immigrants, tomorrow they will defend themselves from the bureaucracy. And the European bureaucrats do not associate themselves with their countries, they are “the citizens of the world”, the cosmopolitans. [passage added on Delyagin’s site -tr.]

This is justice: because Europeans along with Americans within NATO destroyed Iraq, Libya and Syria. Everyone, beginning with Qaddafi, warned: they will be washed away by the wave of refugees, but they didn’t listen, continued to kill, like maniacs. Let the “Wicked” village now be washed away. [Italicised fragments added on the personal site -tr.]

Merkel and Cameron have long recognized the failure of multiculturalism, which assumed that Europe will digest the migrants. But the dictatorship of political correctness does not allow to draw conclusions from this. Fear of disapproval  “from above” holds entire nations in a stupor.

Terrible things can be done to human psyche: during the decades of guilt and repentance Germans have lost the ability to independently assess what is happening to them and to fight back the Euro-bureaucracy or the migrants. The migrants who have learned to use political correctness to their benefit, view the Germans as ground meat.

And the authorities tell stories that the young refugees are working hands, and raise the retirement age, since in reality there is a shortage of working hands.

– Wait a minute! But an horde is marching towards Europe, a tsunami! How long will take to simply run out of room? And money?

– Estimated (possibly inaccurate – KP) cost of one refugee, including not only welfare, but also education, housing and health care, the load on the police, and losses from crime, – 2 thousand euros per month. So, a million refugees costs 24 billion Euros per year. Even if more, Germany only through the appreciation of its securities amid the collapse of Greece, which it pressed to the nail, profited by 90 billion euros! Which dwarfs the cost of refugees.

But if the money runs out, they will cut down the expense on meekly pensioners (let them die out and relieve pressure on the pension system) and the German youth, but not migrants. To cut spending on them is to increase spending because of rising crime.

And there is enough land in Germany. The state will take it for “temporary” refugee camps, but when they start self-appropriating the land, it will be the same as in Slovakia with the Roma towns, where the police are afraid to approach, what to expect from the owners of the land?

And nobody will make a peep. This is tolerance: you are stabbed, and you must be grateful and smile. [Added on Delyagin’s site – tr.]

– And what if there is not a million, but twenty million… All of Syria, all of Africa… Isn’t there a physical limit?

– Yes, let as many as possible come, why do we worry, why do we always worry about others’ problems, and not ours? Europe will not come to its senses until it will drink this cup to the bottom.

The Europeans honestly deserved what’s coming to them. And not only by destroying the secular Arab countries, the entire Arab world, but also by the Nazi coup in Ukraine (Russian people will never forget what the West did in Ukraine) and the fact that we are again called “untermensch”.

Do you know the most terrible curse in German politics – “Putin sympathiser.” A person not even supporting Russia, but simply allowing a possibility of understanding our interests is deprived of the rostrum, is exiled from politics, and entrepreneurs – often from business. 

And these people talk about “mutual understanding”! [Delyagin’s site – tr.]

A member of the Bundestag once explained: “A dialogue with Russia – is when we tell you what you should speak, think and feel, and you say it, think and feel!”

This is “democracy” in the style of the execution of the House of Soviets, which the West applauded, worse than any totalitarianism.

The Germans enjoy again as under the last Reich, to be European legislators, judges and executioners, now on behalf of the United States. They believe that we must repent in front of them for the defeat in the “cold war” as they repented for Hitler, gleefully await and consider themselves to be robbed, when they see that we just don’t understand, what they are talking about. That we did not lose the “cold war”, but simply stopped it, they already forgot.

I fear for Merkel we are not people, just as for Hitler.

The German political elite adopted the American approach: people are the residents of countries that the State Department acknowledged as democracies. The rest can be killed. 

– They are preparing for war with us…

– They are preparing a color revolution – look at the liberal media. If we don’t withstand it – we will repeat the fate of Syria. [Italicised section appeared on Delyagin’s site and not on KP -tr.]

– Is there a danger that the refugees will come to us?

– While they are looking for social benefits, it is not us. 

Plus Russia, thanks to liberal propaganda, has a reputation of a country, where skinheads every day stab Uzbeks near metro stations – I was told this in Germany.

Europe can become poorer than Russia in about 10 years. If we survive as a state.

And now we must urgently teach German to the surplus of immigrant workers, and send them to Germany.

– To throw the wood in the fire?

– To help Europe destroy itself. Yes, it’s not nice, but the refugee nightmare, – and it is not a secret, was purposefully created not by us but by the US: perceiving the EU as a competitor, they systematically undermine it. And the Europeans, who are mentally American slaves, help them today as well as they helped in Yugoslavia from 1992-1999 and in Ukraine. 

Since Europe can only become a partner of Russia, only when it is in an unbearable slump, and can not cooperate in any other circumstance, we must help her to work with us using methods, which it understands.

And again, it’s a sin to forget the Bible for good Christians. Debts must be repaid, and with the same coin.

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