Two dead boys, as alike as twins. One floods the TV screens of Europe. The other? Invisible!

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This boy was killed by a mortar shell fired from Kiev-occupied Mount Karachun, in the last days of the siege of Slavyansk. Photo: Alexander Kots, Dmitry Steshin

In the suburban settlement Golubovka there were no checkpoints, no warehouses, no headquarters, no militia positions. Eight p.m. The heat of the day had passed. People were going outdoors to water the gardens. Arseny was playing in the sandbox…

Dmitry Steshin

September 5, 2015 

September 7, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

A columnist of the Communist Party has been trying to understand why Europe for several days has been mourning a Syrian refugee boy and yet has utterly ignored the death of his peers from the Donbass.

A few days ago, the migratory crisis in Europe reached the highest degree of intensity. Under the incendiary pressure of the new Huns, the good burghers quickly lost patience with refugees that looked neither hungry nor destitute. A terrible threat has hung on the issue of western multi-culturalism — that Europe might emerge from hibernation. The low-fat Western media even began to slip in illegal epithets and analogies. Words like “horde”, “invasion”, “colonization” began to appear. It was unthinkable and dangerous!

All thinking people of the world have long known that the Western media are turned on and off by a switch. The current that galvanizes these golems has passed through the resistors. You can raise the level of negativity in the information flow and it can be reduced. You can even disable it all, unscrew the plug and pretend that nothing is going on. Thus has the bombardment of Donetsk and Lugansk escaped notice in the geographic center of Europe, even though it has been underway for more than a year. But when the European multiculturalism began to creak at the seams, it became clear that something is going on. Something that all of Europe will mourn:

A Syrian boy has drowned. Very well, and from one minute to the next, that photo of the child corpse is on-screen, full-time. One picture, and the whole situation miraculously has done a 180. I admit that in such a large-scale political game, they could not simply have the boy drown, the stakes are too high. And try to prove to me that it is not as it shouldn’t be. 

Yes of course. I saw myself, with my own eyes over the last ten years, how many people in the Middle East got bombed and killed. I saw how a country in the bud got turned into garbage, where now angry heavily-armed gangs are roaming! Try not to think of the new Libyan democracy! I have seen megacities, such as Homs in Syria, turned into cratered lunar landscapes. Seen how, thrоugh the night, three dozen churches burned in Minya, Egypt, in the full, transcendent silence of the world community. That is, silent until now, because “pro-western” revolutionaries, with some Wahhabis, committed the arson. 

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The West, if need be, will have such little boys four at a time. And if anyone will complain about the “politically untimely” tears for a child, he will fly off the channel with his pink slip directly to his social benefits. As English journalist Graham Phillips practically flew out of the MSM, and Andrei Babitski was fired with a bang from “Radio Liberty” for daring to talk about the shelling of civilians in Lugansk –– there is no need to speak of discomforting victims.

But here’s how the five-year boy Arseny Danchenko from suburban Slavyansk, is surprisingly similar to Ailana Kurdi. This boy got killed by a mortar fired from Mount Karachun, (which is occupied by the APU), in the last days of the siege of Slavyansk. 

In the suburban settlement Golubovka there were no checkpoints, no warehouses, no headquarters, no militia positions. Eight p.m. The heat of the day had passed. People were going outdoors to water the gardens. Arseny was sitting in the sandbox, on the threshold of his home, at play. 

And then come two dozen mortar shells … His mother tried to protect him, but the shells fell too close, and shattered them both. All the mother gave her son was a few hours of torment. The child died in front of me two hours later on the operating table in a city hospital of Slavyansk. Four channels, “Layfnyus,” “Ren-TV,” “Channel One,” and “Komsomolskaya Pravda” were filming him, to get the documentation that might make it into the Western media. 

But, unfortunately, Arseny was “separatist” and the shells that killed him were “liberationist” and “democratic.” Russian people were outraged, some wept, some clenched their fists. Some went to the Donbass to volunteer – some people told us that the death of a boy from Slavyansk was the last straw of their patience. 

That’s all. Two dead boys, as alike as twins … 

And what is the difference between them?

Sorry for the cynicism …

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