UAF – Past the point of critical losses


Septetmber 24th, 2015

the Communist –  Denis Seleznev

“The point of critical losses” 

Yesterday my friend
and I were discussing various aspects of the war in Ukraine. He asked a
rhetorical question: what is the limit of unacceptable losses of the Ukrainian
Armed Forces, which would cause a reaction in the Ukrainian society. I replied
to him that the critical level of losses for the Ukrainian society had occurred
more than a year ago, namely, on 11 July 2014, when near Zelenopolye the units
of the 79th and 24th Brigades were destroyed by the precise fire of multiple
rocket launchers.

Yes, prior to Zelenopolye, those Ukrainians that today are running from the military commissariats, were describing the war as a safari. After Zelenopolya they stopped.

According to official
figures, the artillery attack killed 19 and wounded 93 soldiers. According to
an officer of the 24th Brigade, 50 soldiers were killed and a hundred wounded.
The militia announced that at least two hundred were killed. One way or
another, but the sanitary losses [casualties – .ed] amounted to more than a company with two more
companies being completely demoralized. All this happened within several

All Ukraine saw the grim
footage of the scorched machinery, especially the grotesque photos of the
burned beds, on which members of the punitive expedition intended to sleep. On
that day it became clear that it would not be possible to fight from afar,
shooting and dispersing the militia with artillery and tanks. Even the crashing
of IL-76 a month before could be perceived as an accident, but not this. 

A few
days before Slavyansk was taken, a long siege of which the Ukrainian society explained
only as a consequence of the government’s indecision. Now the dashing Ukrainian
warriors, albeit on the dilapidated and rusty military machinery, rolled across
the steppes of Donbass, seeming to surround the rebellious rabble. But it turned
out that the war could proceed on equal footing. Therefore, the Ukrainian
society attacked the Donbass, not the Crimea, because, like all sadists, it
realistically expected to finish off the weak. But to fight the army, which answers
with accurate rocket fire? Which can burn an entire company within minutes?

In order to cover this
disaster on TV channels and to drown out the screams of their dying soldiers in
the steppe, the Ukrainian generals sent the 1st armored brigade to break
through to the airport of Lugansk and bypass Lugansk from the west. As a
result, the path of the “heroes” was littered with their corpses, burned tanks
and armored personnel carriers, abjectly failing to create a stable corridor. 

following day Ukraine was flooded with new grim pictures, which finally put an
end to the hopes of an easy safari. Yes, prior to Zelenopolye, those Ukrainians
that today are running from the military commissariats, were describing the war
as a safari. After Zelenopolya they stopped.

That was the point of
critical losses. President Porkoshenko was grunting in vain that for every
fighter killed near Zelenopolye a hundred enemies will be killed. He was only shaking
the putrid air in the Rada. All subsequent mobilizations were a complete
failure, and the Ukrainian society has become a bunch of people professing the “It is no business of mine”
ideology, who were willing only to buy cheap socks and a pack of tea for the
victory’s sake. 

In rare cases, throw in a couple of thousand Hryvnias for
purchasing another piece of equipment. Now, going to the army, they need to try
on not the pretentious glamor of the dudes entering Slavyansk, but the burned
out skeletons in Zelenopolye. Are you a Ukrainian soldier? You are dead. Lie
down in this burnt and endless steppe.

And now they are terrified
to face the future, preferring to pretend that nothing is happening. Even their
most outspoken representatives like Yuri Butusov are no longer telling the tall
tales of a brave super-army. That is it. The invincible nation has deflated. And
only the kind soul Russia still gives them a chance to wriggle out of this bad situation
and to save their face in a more or less decent way.

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