Ukraine – Kenya, what’s the difference?


September 29th, 2015 – 

By: Anton Klimkov – – 

translated for Fort Russ by Paul Siebert – 

“Ukraine – Kenya, what’s the difference?”

Ukrainian media are all lying, one can not argue with that. Every publication
says what it is paid for by the authorities or expresses a purely individual
point of view of its oligarch owners. However, one can always refer to the
numbers, and then it becomes clear who is speaking more truth and who is
shamelessly lying.

politicians and the national media are trying to outdo each other in singing
laudatory odes to the fantastic life of citizens. Not forgetting to shovel
money into their own pockets.

to understand the realities of Ukraine it is necessary to look at the numbers.

rates in a number of countries are much lower than in Ukraine. For example, in
Kenya literate population is 73.6 percent, with 76.3 percent in Cambodia and
98.3 per cent in Bulgaria. All these figures are lower than the Ukrainian
statistics. Ukraine provides the population with the opportunity to receive
education at 99.7 percent. The remaining 0.3% percent of people in all
likelihood decided to abandon educational institutions on their own volition.

is all as far as Ukraine’s the achievements go. But even for the level of
education of Ukrainians we should be grateful not to Poroshenko with his team,
but to the Soviet government, which gave its citizens the opportunity to learn.

comparison of other indicators is not encouraging. Average per capita income in
the country is only 131 US dollars. Not so shabby when compared to Kenya and
Cambodia, where the income is 54 and 103 dollars, respectively. But if we look
at the European Bulgaria, everything becomes crystal clear. The average income
in Bulgaria is 735 US dollars.

unemployment rate in Ukraine stands at 10.5 percent. This is 0.3 percent higher
than in Bulgaria and 1.3 percent higher than in Kenya. Finally, 10.2 percent
higher than in Cambodia.

is a European country where unemployment is a problem. Not like in Ukraine, but
still … Ukraine is rapidly sinking into the abyss. It’s a shame – the country
has more unemployed people than in Kenya and Cambodia!

Kenya only 10 per cent of citizens live below the poverty line while in
Cambodia 43 percent of the population is destitute. Meanwhile, the situation in
Ukraine is even worth: 65 percent of citizens live below the poverty line.

to the terrible economic conditions the birth rate in Ukraine has dropped. Over
the past year only 42 thousand babies were born. The Bulgarians, who live
better than the Ukrainians, are a little more productive. Over the year 67
thousand 600 babies were born there. During the same period in Cambodia 273
thousand 699 babies and in Kenya 1,189,000 16 babies were born. So much for the
hungry and backward Africa!

go back again to the poor state of the country’s economy. If we compare these
countries according to the size of external debt per capita, we will have the
following picture. In Cambodia, it is 817 dollars, in Kenya – 950 dollars and
in Bulgaria – 2907 dollars. Finally, in Ukraine it is 4228 dollars! With such
debt and wages Ukrainians will not be able to get out of this hole for a long time.
In addition, the total state debt amounts to 70.2 billion US dollars. In
Cambodia the debt is only 4.5 billion dollars. In Kenya – 29.5 billion dollars.
And in Bulgaria – 38.6 billion dollars.  

at the numbers, the state of affairs in Ukraine becomes obvious. Some people
might ask: why compare such different countries? The answer is very simple. If
we compare it with more developed countries such as the USA, Germany or Russia,
the situation would look absolutely beyond hope. 

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