Ukraine Multiplied by Zero on the Eve of Maidan Squared


September 17, 2015

Andre Vadjra

Chief editor of the Ukrainian information-analytical website “Alternative”. Born in 1971, Lives in Kiev. Worked as an analyst for Ukrainian government. Founder and former chief editor of “Ruskaya Pravda”. Author of a book “The Path of Evil. West: the Matrix of Global Hegemony”, and a series of analytical articles “Decay” and “UKRAINE: From Myth to Disaster”.

Translated by Kristina Rus

Ukraine. All towards one goal. All for one. Amazing unanimity of direction and sequence of events. Nothing happens beyond the general trend. And especially, there is nothing that could contradict it.

Ukraine as a huge ship, which is wall to wall full of people. These people have their own life. Business. Plans. Dreams. But all this is in brackets. Outside the brackets is a ZERO. And the math function “multiply”. All these human to do lists, plans, dreams and so on are already multiplied by zero.

No matter what happens on the ship, which has a giant hole, and it is rapidly disappearing under the water…

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Jaresko has finally admitted that Ukraine is in a state of technical default. Hand grenades are exploding across the country. The masses, transfixed, are waiting for the utility bills. In Donbass the ATO heroes crush civilians with armored vehicles, shoot each other with machine guns and ambush volunteers in the fight for control of the contraband traffic. The polio epidemic is growing. Unemployment and prices are growing at a record pace. There are not enough reserves of coal and gas. The country is chocking in the smoke of fires…

And over it all hangs the heavy layer of sticky, dirty hate. It’s not easy to understand who hates who and for what. There is an impression that now everyone hates everyone. Yesterday I talked with a friend from Kiev. The sweetest and kindest man. Used to be. Because he is ready to kill. The government. And indiscriminately. It is revealing that he is not alone in his desire. He supported the first Maidan. Was horrified by the second. Now ready to go to the third to… Says, he is unable to flee the country. Personal circumstances. So he is preparing to face the oncoming $%^& in Kiev. His words convey a grim determination to die, but taking with him one of the objects of his hate. And what will happen next – F%ck it! This mental state is very similar to the “heroic pessimism” of Nietzsche.

Faster then the polio epidemic in Ukraine grows the epidemic of fierce hatred towards the authorities. The people have mentally ripened for the excesses. Just need a good reason for the explosion. The pleas of the zombie-box [TV] are no longer effective on the bulk of the population. At least on the part of Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk and Co’s innocence. Not only the ratings of individual politicians are at zero, but of all state institutions of Ukraine.

The air smells of the sacramental: “I will stab all the nobles”…

The feeling is reminiscent of the eve of Maidan. But now the critical mass of the chain reaction is several times greater. On its background Maidan is a firecracker.

And ahead is the fall, winter and a lot of very interesting events…

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