Ukrainian vs. Crimean ‘Holodomor’ and Kiev’s Double Standards


September 22, 2015

Poroshenko decided to kill Crimea with love

Dionysus Petrov

Translated by Kristina Rus

Hooray for Holodomor in Crimea! According to Ukrainian authorities, the hunger will force Crimeans to love the post-Maidan Ukraine.

As said now sitting in Ivano-Frankovsk jail journalist Ruslan Kotsaba: “In the East happened what would have happened with us if the government didn’t back down. There the protests and uprisings of the people continued, only they wanted not what we wanted”.

This is quite an important and principled position which I rely on, talking about the civil war in Ukraine. The propaganda machine spun the threads very tightly, and confused the sequence of events. But for me Maidan protest ended with the victory of Western Ukraine over Kiev and Central Ukraine (probably temporary victory) and a defeat in the clash with Crimea and Donbass. External forces just took an active part in this conflict, trying to use these long-hidden differences between the regions of Ukraine in their own interests.

And today, a considerable part of inhabitants of Ukraine hates their fellow citizens living in Crimea and Donbass. They understand that they lost the war to Donbass, and in principle are not able to return Crimea. But many continue the rampage. Despite the fact that any attempt to reconcile will instantly get a positive feedback from those who have already suffered enough from the war — they prefer to push and squeeze. But there are fewer and fewer methods, and sometimes these methods are just ridiculous.

Staged a blockade of Donbass, and the Republics restructured, slowly, with big problems, but regrouped and already purchase a lot of products from Russia. Now they woke up and remembered about Crimea. For a year I have observed how things change in Crimea, how Ukrainian products gradually disappeared and almost everywhere now there are only Russian left. They woke up and began the siege. Blockade of deliveries of their own products. Given that here many Ukrainian products are significantly more expensive than in Ukraine. In fact it is a blow to their own producers. Everyone in the world is fighting for new markets, including markets of the Russian Federation. And here they ban their own exports…

What is this – a new post-Maidan economic policy?

Блумберг, экспорт Украины упал с домайданных $69 млрд до 22 млрд.

Bloomberg: Ukraine’s exports fell from pre-Maidan $69 billion to $22 billion.

Well, on the other hand, what do they expect in return? Someone already said it is reminiscent of the behavior of a husband whose wife left him and he tries to get her back trying to make her life horrible. Not the best choice to regain her sympathy, I think.

But the most horrifying in this situation — the appeals to force Crimeans to starve and freeze. From which, according to some, they will come to their senses. I am very surprised that the citizens of Ukraine are not self conscious about it. I went to school immediately after the collapse of the USSR and vividly remember how much time in literature and history class was given to the subject of “Holodomor of the Ukrainian people” (as if there was no same Holodomor in Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania). And in recent years in Ukraine they inflated it to a national scale (candles in the windows in memory of the dead). 

And now, these same people say: it would be great to starve and freeze the inhabitants of certain territories. How so? How those who spoke about the Holodomor, as the greatest tragedy in the history of the country can approve the creation of conditions conducive to the famine in the Crimea?

And most importantly, motivation. As I mentioned above, the reason is different cultural views and aspirations. After all, Crimeans dare ask for a different future, to adopt with the whole region the other cultural landmarks and the path of its development. Is it conceivable? Is this valid?

Dionys Petrov, specifically for Oles Buzina community.

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