US Puppet Navalny Plans to Crash Moscow Marathon?


September 14th, 2015 – 

Fort Russ News, by: Joaquin Flores – 

Moscow – The unpopular liberal opposition figure and US asset, Alexey Navalny, is planning to crash the Moscow International Marathon for Peace, on September 20th.  His group, financed through a network of pro-western oligarchs, and distilled through the Navalny controlled NGO ‘Anti-Corruption Fund’, plans to protest the results of the nation-wide local elections held yesterday, (Sunday September 13th).

Previously, Navalny had applied and been approved for a march and rally today, September 14th. 

Tass reports that organizers had cancelled their event at the last minute.  They cite Alexey Mayorov, chief of Moscow’s regional security department.

“We have received a notification from one of the rally’s organizer, Nikolay Lyaskin [head of Moscow’s office of Navalny’s Party of Progress that was stripped off its registration – TASS], that a rally dedicated to the result of the Sunday regional elections will not be held for technical reasons,” 

According to Tass, Mayorov said also that the rally of up to 2,000 participants had been approved by the city’s authorities.  Event organizer Roman Rubanov, director of the Anti-Corruption Fund, gave an explanation:

“We just decided not to hold this rally because there will be a rally on September 20,”

At face value, the statement is not easy to decipher: the remedy seems to be confused for the reason. It does not tell us why they pushed back their plan to September 20th. 

The new date of the 20th coincides with the Moscow International Marathon for Peace.  

Navalny’s organizers had pushed city officials to approve their new permit for the 20th to be right in the center of Moscow in the same place as the Marathon.  The Marathon route will run in part through the most historic places of Moscow. These include Red Square, Christ the Saviour Cathedral, and St. Basil’s Cathedral.

Navalny apparently wants to hold his event on top of the Marathon, and use international press coverage to draw attention from this broad international event, towards his narrow US supported political agenda.

City officials did not approve this plan and instead the Moscow authorities suggested the organizers hold a rally [without a march] of up to 40,000 participants in Moscow’s southeastern suburb of Maryino, citing a series of events, including an international marathon, would be organized in the center of the city on that day. 


Navalny’s supporters however keep on insisting both the rally and the march be held in downtown Moscow.

Without adequate intervention by authorities, we forecast that Navalny may stage the protest in Maryino, and attempt to march into city center, crashing the Marathon event.  

The possibility of a planned media spectacle also cannot be ruled out – the Marathon event will be covered by many international journalists including those from Europe, and these journalists may be prepared to give Navalny’s intervention the attention it desires. 

Navalny was convicted of embezzlement in 2013 and 2014.  

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