Video: Russian Strikes on ISIS Al-Azza Compound


September 30th, 2015 – 

Fort Russ – Marwa Osman & Joaquin Flores

In this video footage uploaded today, we can see a zoom lens used from within a bunker-like compound in which combatants are based.  

At the beginning what is written on the screen is that there are four airplanes.  Then two planes are focused in on. 

People are talking in a language that is not Arabic for the first twenty-five seconds and following this, in Arabic,  it is said that these two  planes were Russian military planes. 

Suddenly, the sound of something being fired or dropped is heard, followed by a loud and tremendous blast that knocks the cameraman in the bunker to the side. 

In the video, the voice in Arabic says that these Russian planes are the ones that hit what they are calling the “Al Azza Compound”.  

As of the time of publishing, we have not identified the first language spoken in the video.  

Being zoomed in on are what have been identified so far as Su-24’s. The Su-24’s operated from a high altitude. 

It is possible that a modified KAB-500 or even KAB-1500 were used. 

In Afghanistan, half-ton bombs showed good efficiency. And maybe conventional bombs (FAB) were, and due to the Su-24’s precise navigation complex, it is possible to bomb with conventional bombs according to a predetermined program, even without land visibility (i.e., from above clouds).

Everything depends on the target. If it [the target] is in an open area, then the blast will come in handy, but if in trenches, bunkers, or basements, then this is the job for an ODAB (volume-detonating).

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